Trend Watch: Triangles & How To Jump On The Next Big Thing Early

By Belinda Graham, The Happy Home

Move over chevron, there’s a new trend in town. Well, actually, just be prepared to share the spotlight a little – I doubt you’re going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, this latest motif is very much related to you: triangles are around (not to be confused with triangles are round – because they’re not). In a huge way. Interiors, homewares, art, fashion, stationery… You name it, you can get a triangle (or many) on it. I’m not at all bothered by this – I really love it. I particularly love anything that has a Ferm Living stamp on it – they have managed to excel here. The palette is perfection – I want it all (I do, happily, have some of their wallpaper. Yay to that!)

But you must know the triangle trend is not usually about one single triangle – it has to be en masse. And it’s also branching out itself – geometrics is set to be huge. Here are some rather pointy products I’ve fallen for in recent times.

I always wonder how these trends start. If you’re someone who is online a lot reading blogs, shopping Etsy, fighting sleep to play on Pinterest – then you’ll pick up these trends very early. And you’ll be in the know about where to buy. It’s usually a small independent store on the other side of the world that has just what you want. And just when you think you have something rather original, BAM, it explodes online and everyone is getting it. And then it hits every second store you walk past and you know it has well and truly arrived in the mainstream.

I think there’s a lesson for designers and store owners there: get online. Now. Check out the trends before they become trends and jump on it just as the online world is scrambling to find something – anything! – in the new obsessive colour/pattern/motif. Because in Australia we often get left behind – neon has only just hit magazines in the last couple of months but how long has it been huge online? For at least a year. Because if you can stock the goods before the magazines jump on it, you’ll be ready for the onslaught of crazed shoppers after the next triangle/neon/chevron/deer trend in their lives!

Image 1: Ferm Living via Decor8
Image 2: Bookhou
Image 3: Ferm Living via Decor8
Image 4: Secret Squirrel
Image 5: Harvest Textiles

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    Nice article and images selection… particularly love that skirt & not just the triangles pattern but the colours.

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