From the show: Botanicals

Botanicals breathed fresh air into Life Instyle this weekend. Reminding us that Spring is just a few weeks away, the colour, life and texture of foliage and flowers bloomed across soft furnishings, timber tiles, wall hangings and tableware. And then there were the real thing… read on…

Mister Moss
Blowing our minds at Life Instyle this year was newcomer Mister Moss – real life plants in moss holders wrapped in twine, that can be transported across the country. Beautifully alive Mister Moss delighted all our senses.

Inviting us to their island home, Ourlieu gracefully combined foliage, typography and pineapples into one very stylish scene. Like a tropical jungle, mixed textures combined forming a welcoming place to rest by the sea.

Bonnie and Neil
Taking cues from South Pacific, Bonnie and Neil light up the gardens of our hearts with their rich botanical collection of cushions, tablewear and wall tiles. Fresh leis over the dining table had us swooning for some Spring sunshine.

What was your best botanical moment from the show?

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