3 reasons why Instagram is so important for small business

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In April alone, Instagram added another 100 million users to the image sharing platform, taking it’s tally up to 800 million users. On average Instagram has 500 million active users daily.

Instagram is a predominately free app for businesses to use, aside from booting your posts and scheduling ads which do cost money, this platform is a small business marketing dream.

If the outstanding numbers above did not have you running for your computer or mobile device to sign up, then here are 3 reasons why you need to get your small business into the 21st century of marketing:

  1. Your customer is already using it! Clearly, with the stats above, it would be very rare to not come across your target market on Instagram. There is no need to scour your neighborhood doing a letterbox drop, shout at them through a megaphone or cold call.
  2. Instagram allows you to open a direct dialogue with your customers. Not only can you answer customer questions, respond to comments and have some fun with them but it is also a great form of live feedback. Not sure how a product is going to react? Upload a photo and request feedback. We guarantee you will receive more feedback via Instagram comments than people filling in a survey.
  3. Instagram drives traffic back to your website and improves SEO. For those that do not know what SEO is – Search Engine Optimisation is a “free” marketing tool that ensures your website is found fast and easily by search engines. Including your website link in your Instagram bio, ensures interested customers are being directed back to your website, this, in turn, provides search engines with information that your website is relevant and boosts your rankings.

Need to know more? Kylie Lewis, founder of Of Kin, is joining us at TRAINING WHEELS Melbourne to discuss how you can take your social media activity to the next level and show you how to build your tribe, project an authentic message and connect with those who believe in what you do.

What you can learn from Kylie’s, Social Media Smarts workshop:

  • Discover how to take your social media activity to the next level and drive business growth
  • Find out how to attract, grow and turn your followers into loyal customers
  • Learn how to convey your brand message through your imagery and messaging

Kylie Lewis

Kylie Lewis is our Life Instyle blog digital extraordinaire and the founder of business and content coaching agency, Of Kin. Kylie wholeheartedly embraces a good chat and loves to help brands and the people behind them create, build, manage and embrace social media communities. With 15 years of online sales, web project management, digital and content marketing for leading Australian brands, (most recently as digital strategist for kikki.K) she now coaches creative, curious and entrepreneurial businesses interested in starting, evolving or organising their approach to content marketing and social media in a fun, empowering, creative and practical way.

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