5 Inspiring Pinterest ideas for your brand

When it comes to creating really great Pinterest boards for your brand, think ‘curation’, not just promotion. Think about pulling together all the things your brand is, along with all the things it loves, does, is inspired by and ways that it’s helpful and human. Pinterest is an incredibly great (and fun!) way to tell your brand story. Here’s our collection of pinboard ideas to get you on your way.

1. Online Catalogues
Use your boards as a catalogue for each of your collections or product groups. Ensure each pin has a useful description, rich with keywords, and the price of the product (including the price in your description will ensure your products appear in ‘Gift’ searches on Pinterest Market Place).

Freedom's Pinterest Board double timing as the 2013 Winter Collection Catalogue

2. Your Brand Inspiration
The things that inspire your brand and informs its personality are a fantastic source of Pinterest inspiration. So many of the stories behind the brands at Life Instyle involve brands being born out of a love of travel, design, art, fashion and colour. Create boards for each of these passions of your business to tell your authentic brand story.

Kate Spade's Pinterest account is all about the things they're inspired by, including travelling colourfully.

3. How Tos
Do you have content on your blog of how to use your products? Or seen other pictures online of your products put to good use? Pull all this content into one inspiring and useful board.

Temple & Webster's How To Pinterest board is a useful reference for customers.

4. Free Stuff
Do you have downloadables or printables that more people would love to know about? Bring them together on one board and let the re-pinning party commence! Life Instyler Inky Co do a great job of this on their ‘Freebies‘ Pinterest board

Inky Co brings all their free printables and downloadables into one delightful pin board.

5. Top Picks
Do your staff have favourite products from your current range you could build a board around? Give your brand some personality and get your staff involved in telling its story with their top picks.

NoteMaker Staff get their pin on to curate a Top Staff Picks Pinterest board.

Tell Us!
Tell us if your business is on Pinterest by leaving a comment and link below. We look forward to sharing your handiwork with the Life Instyle community! And visit us on Pinterest at pinterest.com/lifeinstyle


  • Reply May 14, 2013

    Wendy Hatton

    I don’t know if you can help me here but I have opened up a pinterest board for
    The Old Loge Gallery in Gladstone N.S.W.. I work for the owner but I no longer get into the pinterest link to keep adding and working on the pages. I have tried to contact Pinterest without any luck and I just don’t know how to fix this.

    It is impossible to find a contact Pinterst link!!

    I think the problem might lie with the fact that I have a personal pinterest board myself as well.

    I really hope you can help me with this but not sure

    Wendy Hatton
    for Joanne Benson and David Tyrell
    Owner/operator Old lodge gallery Gladstone N.S.W.

    • Reply May 14, 2013

      Life Instyle

      Hi Wendy,

      Oh what a bother! It’s no fun when you have trouble with login protocols! It’s a bit difficult to help without knowing the exact error message you’re getting from Pinterest, but if you have different email addressed on both accounts that’s probably not what your problem is. Have you tried the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page (https://pinterest.com/login/) to try and retrieve your password/set a new one? Let us know.

      Kylie for the Life Instyle Team

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