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This season at Life Instyle Melbourne, we have re-invigorated our Conversation Series line-up and added some pretty awesome new sessions we think will spark your imagination and intrigue. Take the session by Kids Business Communications founder, Christie Nicholas for example. This session is dedicated to those who are wanting to know how to get their product, brand or business into the hands of the most powerful queen of the household, The Mum!

Check out today’s post for a sneak peek of what you can learn at Christie’s session in Melbourne.

Life Instyle - Conversation Series

Mums are a powerful demographic, given they tightly control household discretionary spending. In an industry where mums have an abundance of options and brand loyalty is low, now is the time for brands to finesse how they market to mums, properly engage, and basically make sure they are delivering a stand out product that is better than competitors.

To be on the right track, brands need to nail these 5 marketing to mum tips:

  1. Market Research

To know for sure if your product is right for your target market – ask them. You might really want them to like your product, and all observations point that there is a place in the market for your product, but until you actually present the product for your demographic to criticise and assess, you just don’t know.  Rich, real conversations provide insight.

There are plenty of ways to go about this to suit every budget. Invite some mums to the office, take the product to a local event, set up a pre-launch trial team, share surveys on social media, test response to brand images.  Many times, brands don’t want to hear the truth, fearing it will create more work, but in reality, by asking your demographic what they don’t like about your product or what can be improved, you are going to be able to fix your product to either attract more customers, or make sure you better target who is the right type of customer for your product.

In addition to driving your own market research – stay informed with market research and key insights from other comparable industries and countries. Market research, both internal and external will shape your strategy and knowledge.

  1. Be Honest & Keep it real

Not all products can be all things to all people – and that is very often a good thing. It means there is a place in the market for products that excel at certain things. Be open with your communication and focus on your actual strengths.  Mums can handle the truth and it helps them assess its suitability. What you might think is a deterrent to a sale for one customer, i.e. it’s expensive, will make it an incentive for another, i.e. it’s premium/exclusive.

  1. Connect & Relate

Every mum who posts, likes, shares, tweets, pins, recommends, converses with your brand to get to know you better is a sales person representing your brand for free. So value and nurture these connections. If you have advocates, reward them, if you have questions, answer them, if you have feedback, show how you are going to address them in the future, if you have people listening, say something interesting.

And while you’re doing this, drop the sales pitch and corporate barriers to best engage or show how you ‘get her’. Find a brand voice that connects, resonates, engages, inspires. This might be in style of posts, or lifestyle shots, or storytelling.

  1. Believe in your product

Honestly believe that your product is the number 1 product of its kind, or go back to the drawing board until you do. Brand marketers need to be sold on the product’s position in the market place to be able to demonstrate how mums will benefit with the product. If you do not believe – then no one else will.

  1. Delight & Be Extraordinary

To generate extraordinary results, extraordinary relationships, extraordinary product, extra work is required. Like what Warren Buffet has previously said, brands should ‘delight’ the customer, not just ‘satisfy’ them.  Most brands satisfy customers – be the few who delight. Go above and beyond with your processes, service and relationship building and in the process, respect, value, impress the consumer with credible product from a brand that genuinely cares and ultimately inspires.


About: Christie Nicholas is a Marketing-to-Mum expert, as well as Founder and Managing Director of Kids Business Communications – Australia’s leading agency entirely focussed on connecting brands with mums via PR and Marketing to Mum initiatives.

Kids Business has collaborated with 170+ brands across all product/service categories. Kids Business has built a reputation for large scale influencer events (known as the Bloggers Brunch, Bloggers BBQ, Social Mums), as well as bespoke client projects & events, integrated PR and Social campaigns, Sampling and Review programs and more.

Alongside a brilliant team, Kids Business brings together industry expertise, unrivalled connections, passion and purpose to assist brands with growth. Nicholas is a strong advocate for exceptional customer service, strong relationships and has a commitment to providing brands with innovative, measurable and exciting ways to engage with this evolving demographic.


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Life Instyle - Conversation Series

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