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Maggie Pana, founder Kreo Home describes her collection of products as unusual, quirky and timeless pieces to suit an eclectic audience.

We caught up with Maggie for 5 minutes in the lead up to her appearance on the Training Wheels retailer panel and found out a little more about why and how she got into retail.

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Why did you decide to start a retail?
Retail is fun and full of colour and boasts some of the most creative minds. It’s a place with a sense of community that makes me feel right at home.

What is your 2018 business goal?
2018 brings loads of change to Kreo name. We will be moving from retail into the digital market to assist our local creatives in the way of workshops, mentoring, social media services and much more to help them make their business thrive.

What is the number 1 mistake you have learned from over the years?
Put everything in writing! I cannot stress that enough. Many lessons learnt through those mistakes, however loads of knowledge gained. Kind of bitter sweet when you really think about it.

How has your business changed since visiting Life Instyle?
Kreo is a business that is constantly evolving and takes a lot in from attending trade shows. What we take from attending is building new relationships, strengthening existing relationships, gadging market trends, and of course having loads of fun in the process.
Attending helps us to understand how we need to drive change in our business based on what information, products, people and ideas that are born during this creative time.

What is the best advice you could give to a brand exhibiting at Life Instyle?
*Greet everyone with a smile
*Get contact details eg. Join our mailing list, scan their passes etc
*Go crazy with your stand setup…remember you want to stand out!
*Do not eat at your stand! Ever!
*Be realistic about your delivery/production timeframes.
*Have postcards, catalogues to hand out.
*Be authentic, be yourself and most importantly…have fun!

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