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Sally Campbell, for 25 years was a film designer travelling to India collecting incredible fabrics and now she joins us at Life Instyle Melbourne with her latest collection of handcrafted textiles to suit modern environments with a contemporary edge.

Hand-block printed, hand-stitched, hand-woven and hand-dyed, Sally’s ethically made designs never touch a machine and the way these incredible fabrics naturally fade bring a uniqueness you can not find anywhere else.

Today on the blog we dive deep into Sally’s story and find out more about her incredible talents in sourcing and creating beautiful textiles.


Life Instyle: What is your 15 second elevator pitch?

Sally: I design contemporary handmade textiles, handcrafted in India by weavers,block printers and embroiderers.   All my products are hand woven cottons,silks and wool giving  special detail to textures and finishes.My latest range of quilts,throws and cushions  in icey greys,raspberry pinks and  glacial blues were inspired by the Indian monsoon.


Life Instyle: The theme for Life Instyle Melbourne this season is Return To The Source, what does this mean to you and how did your story begin?

Sally: I am always returning to the source.  My story began during my previous career as set and costume designer in film.  I was working in India and  became totally seduced by their stunning textiles, amazing colours and incredible textures. Determined to return one day and design my own range of homewares I quit the film world and packed a caravan of ideas and off I went to explore India and learn about her amazing crafts…10 years,many adventures and learning pains later my passions are still as hot as ever.


Life Instyle: Where do you find inspiration?

Sally: I find inspiration from humour, people, art, ceramics, books, my travels and of course textiles.


Life Instyle: What was your biggest challenge when starting your business and how did you overcome it?

Sally: My biggest challenge when I started the business was dealing with rogue Indian merchants…..and 10 years later it is still a challenge.


Life Instyle: What was your best YAY US! moment?

Sally: Our first textile exhibition was a total sell-out and this gave me the confidence that what I was doing was the right thing.


Life Instyle: What advice would you give to a new designer/retailer reading this post?

Sally: Believe in your ideas and follow your passion.  This will give you the strength to survive many a hiccup.


Life Instyle: Where do you see the future of retail heading?

Sally: I am afraid I see it’s future is in on-line shopping.


Life Instyle: What would a tarot card reader find in your future?

Sally: More adventures in the journey of textiles and travel and finally a book.


Life Instyle: How has your business grown over time?

Sally: Our business is all hand-made.  Over time my knowledge of the crafts in India has improved, so the quality and my attention to detail has become finer and finer. I now have an on-line shop, gallery exhibitions and have fully embraced social media.


Life Instyle: What are you looking forward to most at Life Instyle Melbourne, 2016?

Sally: More inspiring exhibitors, exciting new suppliers and getting down amongst the hub of the fabulous Royal Exhibition Hall.

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Your Life…

What would the title of the book on your business be?

Running With Stitches

What was your childhood dream?

To travel the world and have adventures

How do you unwind?

Surfing, Yoga, Reading, Podcasts, drinking and chewing the fat with friends, binge watching Netflix

Which Instagram account are you stalking at the moment?


What is your favourite blog or mag?

Blog – Martyn Thompson Studio

Mag – World of Interiors

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One or The Other…

Instagram OR Facebook? – Instagram

Tacos OR Spaghetti? – Spaghetti

Beach OR Snow? – Beach

Michael Jackson OR Prince? – Prince

In-store OR Online Shopping? – In-Store


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