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The world of Social Media is a crowded place, so we have introduced this series about the importance of being online.

Social media is so important not only for exposure but as a digital extension of your brands and how we can be in all of the places our followers are searching for us.

ACTIVITY: Think about the last purchase you made. Let’s use a 2018 diary from Blushing Confetti as an example. Obviously 2018 is fast approaching – probably a little too quickly for our liking – and we require a diary to start planning the beginning of our year.

Firstly we seen the below image on our Instagram feed and of course gave it a like because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a beautiful planner.



Then we clicked the link in the Blushing Confetti bio to find out more information on the product such as size, features, prices, materials etc…

After being distracted by something – probably a cute dog video – we closed down the window and forgot about it for the next week…UNTIL…someone reminded us we needed a diary. Our very next step was to “google” Blushing Confetti to have another look – at work – which we again forgot about because we were focusing on the task at hand and of course not shopping on work time.

What’s this in our inbox? A discount code to purchase Blushing Confetti diaries. GREAT! Let’s click on the email and finally purchase a diary.

Alas! Another distraction – aka more dog videos – and we have lost concentration and the chance to purchase a diary at a discount rate but that’s ok because Pinterest has reminded us when we searched – How to organise my life – and finally, actually purchased a 2018 Blushing Confetti Diary. No really, we actually did.

Here is a breakdown of all the places we went to and seen a Blushing Confetti reminder:

  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Facebook – Ads
  • Email
  • Pinterest

Now being seen in all of these places is a little more complex than just uploading an image, so we are going to show you our top tips for making sure all of your bases are covered on the above platforms.



Week 1 of our social series delves into Instagram and how you can create a better user experience with sales, conversions and growing your followers a main priority.

With Instagram being the largest social media platform, cracking 800 million active users last month, the image sharing platform is one you definitely need to be on if you have a tangible product.

Uploading beautiful imagery is just the start of Instagram marketing so here are 5 tips to make sure you are making the most of your Instagram presence.

  1. Use Instagram insights to discover when your followers are online and where they are from.
    This is a great business profile tool (must switch over to Instagram Business to be able to use this tool) to find out more about your followers and how you can optimize your posting to gain the most traction. For example the Life Instyle Instagram followers are night owls, being most active around 9pm. This has allowed us to optimize when we post our content.
  2. Linkt.ree is your best friend
    Linktr.ee is essentially a personalized landing page with multiple links that lead to where you want your followers to go. This is a great way to add multiple call to actions to your Instagram profile. Have a look at the Life Instyle Linktr.ee page here and check out where we are sending our visitors when they come across our profile. Linktr.ee also has an insights function that allows you to see how many people clicked through to your links.
  3. Instagrammers use the platform because of beautiful imagery but they hang around for the words.
    When creating copy for your next post, really think about what you are writing. Ask yourself if you would stick around to actually read it or would you just give the post a like and keep on scrolling.
  4. Grow your Instagram followers by adding social links to EVERYTHING!
    All of your print collateral, website, other social platforms, receipts, emails, invoices and anything you can think of that you send out to anyone. Let your tribe know you are on Instagram and you should slowly see an increase in followers.
  5. Healthy hashtag practice
    For anyone who doesn’t know what a hashtag is, they are normally found at the end of the copy that accompanies an Instagram post and look a little like this #lifeinstyle. These are used to group together images of a similar theme for users to follow thus creating a community generated story. Instagram does not let you post more than 30 hashtags per image uploaded however there is much talk as to whether Instagram “shadow bans” Instagrammers who use the same hashtags all the time, with the platform allegedly seeing this as spam activity. The best thing to do is group your hashtags into lots of 6-10 themed tags.

Wow! We could honestly talk about Instagram for hours but instead, we will be back next week with another post about how you can optimize your online presence for Google.


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