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We bet you are wondering who the talented creative is behind our Men Instyle – Harry illustration.

Let us introduce you to the extremely talented, Belinda Xia. 

Belinda Xia

Belinda Xia is a Sydney-based Fashion & Lifestyle creative living with her husband, rescue dog & an addiction to pasta.

Belinda is the best when it comes to illustrated and animated content that makes brands come alive! She also dabbles in downloadable cards and invitations.

Belinda Xia

Belinda’s life motto is to pursue the joy in creativity, and love your friends and family!

Starting her business because she needed a creative outlet and something away from her day job that ended up bringing herself (and her customers) so much joy that she would’ve been silly not to pursue it full time!

In the 3 years she has been operating she has been featured in ELLE, Mama Disrupt, and also named one of the ‘Top 10 Australian Style Illustrators to Follow’!

Belinda Xia

Belinda lists some of her career highlights as having her work displayed on a very large scale in Chatswood Chase, but cannot pick just one to highlight, she has loved them all! We guess that would be like picking your favourite child…which Belinda is currently pregnant with her first child! Congrats Belinda!

We asked Belinda what her best piece of business advice is and she responded – “Invest in and look after yourself. Without you, the business doesn’t run.”

She also loves the quote “Something wonderful is about to happen to me.” and has it stuck up on her wall at home.

Belinda Xia

Do you love Belinda as much as us? Check her socials out below for more incredible illustrations and keep up with her current work. She is currently working on 2 huge jobs with dream clients she is about to release. Give her a follow to stay updated!

Website: www.belindaxiaillustration.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/belindaxiaillustration

Facebook: www.facebook.com/belindaxiaillustration

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