A glimpse of our new campaign…

For the last couple of Life Instyle & Kids Instyle shows we have been working with the gloriously creative agency Paper Stone Scissors, who have developed some of our most memorable campaign images. The creative team at Paper Stone Scissors perfectly understand the ethos and concept behind our shows allowing them to seamlessly translate our ideas into beautiful visuals for us.
A couple of weeks back we were onsite shooting our campaign for our upcoming Sydney 2011 Life Instyle & Kids Instyle event. We don’t want to give too much away, but we’re especially excited about this concept, as it celebrates the true stars of the Life Instyle & Kids Instyle shows – the products! Here are a few behind the scenes shots – look out for the new visuals on our website, launching in the coming week!
Thanks to Andrew, Jake, Nicole & Marta from Paper Stone Scissors for all their work, and to our patient photographer Andrew Curtis.






Life Instyle & Kids Instyle Sydney will take place from 17 – 20 February 2011 at the Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion.

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