Are you standing out in a crowded sea?

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Marketing is such a fine art but with the right tools and education, is a breeze when you know what you are doing, don’t pver complicate things and really understand your audience.

In a world that is so full of people shouting out about their brand and advertisements popping up everywhere, are you doing all you can to stand out from the crowd?

Here are 5 of our top tips for creative marketing


For the designers and makers of our incredible readership, collaborate with a fellow designer and create something truly epic that plays to the strengths of both parties. For example Hobbe Home X Incy Interiors. At Life Instyle Sydney 2017 Hobbe Home & Incy Interiors launched their incredible collaborations and mixture of design focused rocking chairs in luxurious velvet fabrics and metal details. This collaboration shows mutual benefits for both companies as they would be able to cross promote their involvement and target each others consumer databases. Plus the result of this amalgamation was truly epic.

For the Retailers: You too can collaborate with your fellow retailers. Gather up your retail neighbours and host a VIP night. This allows you to cross promote your store with the customers of your neighbours. Offer premium discounts and spend and save opportunities to make a real big deal out of it.
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Print is not dead. Go old school with graphic and creative postcards that draw the attention of your prospective new customer. Try to stay away from generic designs, make it something your customer will want to keep and pop on their inspiration board or want to re-use. Some great places to have cost effective postcards made are Kwik Kopy, Vistaprint & Moo.

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It’s time to start that blog! Start writing about the products you stock or make, explain why you love them and why you are passionate. What is the story behind you? Make sure your SEO is up to scratch and these pieces of content gold will drive traffic back to your website, converting readers into paying customers. Discovering the story behind what consumers are consuming is becoming more of a marketing trend and behaviour in the industry, jump on the surfboard and ride the wave.

Check out these blogs we are loving – The Grace Tales, The File, The Life Creative, Aesop, Girlboss, The Collective Hub

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4. IN 3, 2, 1…WE’RE LIVE!

Facebook live & Instagram live features are incredibly popular and a great way to show the inner working of how your business cogs turn. Put a face behind the brand, show your followers and customers that you are not a money hungry company and there is a reason behind everything you do. Becoming more personable allows customers to relate to you and your offerings. Selfies are cool and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

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Add a subscription pop-up window to your home page window, ask the question at the time of check-out if they want to sign up for exclusive VIP discounts for 5% off their purchase etc…

Having the email address of your customer allows you to communicate with them directly. Sign up to Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor which are relatively inexpensive email platforms that allow you to create and send emails to your database. Email them at least monthly with what new arrivals you have and what is on sale as well as any news pieces you wish to share.

The value in your email database in substantial so make sure you do not neglect this avenue.

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