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Each piece is hand styled and crafted using cotton rope in Gemma’s studio in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Each length of rope is then sewn together using an electric sewing machine to create the shape (In the case of our jewellery holders – very eclectic and intricate shapes at that!) Once the piece is off the sewing machine, tt is then hand painted ensuring each nook and cranny is covered in a juicy amount of colour before it can lay to rest and be adorned in beautiful jewellery. For this collaboration, Gemma and I worked on designing a selection of both jewellery holders and bowls.

Gemma Patford x La Luna Rose Blog Update-07
Jewellery and Rope Vessels, not something that you might think would mash together like bread and butter. But our latest collab with Melbourne-based artist Gemma Patford will prove you wrong. Designer Rosie Shelton of La Luna Rose and Gemma Patford both have a strong love of vibrant colour and work across tactile textures that make you want to jump through the screen to touch. Both designers love to share this through their individual products and have come together in their latest collab to showcase each others work through their craft method.


Rosie first came across Gemma’s work on Instagram a few years ago and instantly fell in love. Somewhere between her eclectic and bold use of colour and amazing textures of her rope creations, she simply couldn’t get enough. Gemma loved the style and texture of Rosie’s pieces and knew immediately that she wanted to make a small finite collection of jewellery holders. Months later, Gemma and Rosie struck up their first Skype chat (based between NZ and Melbourne at the time) and the rest is history. With Rosie’s frustration of the lack of beautiful jewellery holders on the market…they knew where they were headed. “There are so many beautiful pieces of jewellery on the market yet nothing amazing for you to place them when you’re at home. It is my desire to design the most beautiful and particle jewellery holder that will be in every womans home one day!”.


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Gemma and Rosie decided to create a selection of rope ‘vessels’ that showcased the bright, eclectic and geometric designs of the La Luna Rose jewellery upon them. Gemma’s clever use of Rope to create all sorts of shapes and repetitive design alluded to the concept of creating jewellery holders and bowls for customers to showcase their La Luna Rose creations upon.
Gemma got to work in her North Melbourne studio, manipulating the rope in all directions, twirls, turns and rounds to create the Jewellery holders. “The rope itself inspired the design. The cotton rope lends itself kindly to a lovely fluid shape. I really got a lot of my inspiration from Rosie’s jewels. I wanted to ensure the jewellery would snuggle into and complement the holders.”
Gemma and Rosie selected a soft colour palette to paint the final pieces, allowing the bright and bold colours of the La Luna Rose jewellery to stand out from their backdrop. Each nook, hook and hole of the holders allows for necklaces to be looped through, rings to be held inside and bracelets to be looped around.
The final pieces are works of art in themselves. Placed on your wall as a beautiful piece of art that doubles as a very convenient and good-looking jewellery holder, the collaboration showcases the work of each designer in perfect unity. Each piece is unique and with only one piece made of each design, you can guarantee you will be the proud owner of a one-off collaboration piece that will happily hold your jewels for years to come.

You can check out the entire collection here.



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