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Our very own contributing blogger, Lucia Phillip, visited Life Instyle SYDNEY over the weekend to check out what new and upcoming trends will be hitting retailers shelves in the coming months. Along with this she was also checking out the incredible job our exhibitors do marketing themselves to retailers from across the globe and is sharing with you today her top 3 brands who she thinks nailed it at Life Instyle SYDNEY.


You are in a crowded market. It

It doesn’t matter where you are or what platform you are using, it is hard to cut through. 9,000 photos are shared on Snapchat every second and almost 5000 Facebook status updates.

There were over 300 exhibitors at Life Instyle in Sydney last week. The more cluttered markets become, the more important brand storytelling becomes.

Humans aren’t hardwired to remember facts but we are very, very good at remembering stories. In a crowded market place, one of the most important things you can do is find your brands authentic story and get good at telling it. It was such an honor to attend Life Instyle in Sydney last week. I got to speak to so many passionate makers, designers and wholesalers- all with a great story to tell. And it got me thinking about the ways that great brands use multiple touchpoints to tell their stories. Whether it is through their product, packaging design or a good old fashioned yarn, here are some of the ways that you inspired me with your brand stories last week.




It is really important to understand that your brand has a story, but so too does your product. Where was it sourced? How is it manufactured? Is it handmade? Many businesses have the ingredients for a great product story but they

It is really important to understand that your brand has a story, but so too does your product. Where was it sourced? How is it manufactured? Is it handmade? Many businesses have the ingredients for a great product story but they don’t turn it into one. It is not enough to say that your product is handmade from organic ingredients. This is boring and there are so many other brands that are going to say exactly the same thing to your customer. But tell your customer about the family farm that grow the organic ingredients and about how you met them while asking for directions and you weave magic into your brand. This magic is what will stay with your customer after they have forgotten the specific ingredients that go into your product.

Brand of Note: UASHMAMA

It all began with a bread basket. In Italy. Casey was holidaying with her family and they had grabbed a bite at an eatery on a Tuscan terrace when she noticed the Le Sorelle bread bag. She was so taken by its design that she hunted down the tiny family-run company that made it. Together, Casey and the Marconi family were able to bring these now-iconic products to the Australian market through the Uashmama brand.
Uashmama now employ a large group of men and women in this once struggling town who sew the Uashmama paper bags from home. The paper that is used for Uashmama products is washable, soft and resilient. It has sustainability features and uses a manufacturing process similar to leather but is far more durable. It is a beautiful product. And the story that encapsulates it has so many fantastic storytelling elements- a sense of place, artisanal tradition, and the heroes journey to discovery.


Pretty Brave 1


It is really important that your packaging reflects your brand position: luxurious, rustic, eco- friendly…But packaging can also be another way to tell your brand story. You can very literally use it as an opportunity to print your story. A lot of wine producers have started to do this in recent years. And it is very smart of them because wine so can so easily become a commodity product.

Brand of Note: PRETTY BRAVE

Pretty Brave began when mum, Natalie, was living in Spain and wanted a fashionable pair of shoes for her child. When she couldn’t find any, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Natalie created a fashion savvy footwear range that parents and their children would love. Pretty Brave uses beautiful, quirky packaging to tell this story. Shoe boxes double as toy houses and can be used as photo frames and room decor.Beautiful bags double as the perfect child-sized backpack. Without having to sit down and tell customers what Pretty Brave stands for, Natalie is able to communicate the brands values instantaneously: fashionable, responsive to seasonal trends, fun for kids and on-trend for parents. Last summer the shoe-box houses were styled with sand and spades which provided Pretty Brave with another opportunity to tell a story, that time about the SS collection. In a world where brands are fighting for limited opportunities to speak to their customers, Pretty Brave is a great example of how brand owners can use every aspect of their product as a communication tool.




Finally, do not be afraid to tell your story to everyone. Please do not feel like it is a yucky-sales-thing. If customers have walked up to your trade stand, or visited your website, they want to hear your story.

We live in a world where the institutions that used to give us meaning are far less salient. And savvy brands are stepping into the void to help their customers create meaningful moments and rituals throughout their day. It might as well be your brand!

Brand of Note: ROHR REMEDY

Emily comes from a long line of chemists and dermatologists. So compounding is in her blood. But it was the years spent operating an Indigenous art gallery near Broome that set her on a path toward delivering beautiful skin to women in Australia and, potentially, around the world. After watching, and helping, Indigenous elders collect plants to fix their ailments she realised how potent these same active ingredients could be when used in skin care. And thus begun a journey to create a line of skin care that harnessed ancient wisdom and used active ingredients in medicinal quantities. Rohr Remedies also gives back to the indigenous community, creating employment and providing a means to commercialise the knowledge and so keep it alive for future generations. Talking to Emily was so much fun. Her whole body came alive as she spoke about the Indigenous elders she had spent time with. And the importance of using actives in medicinal quantities was evident not just in her words but the animation and tone of her voice. It was a story I wont forget in a hurry. In a world of Facebook, Instagram, engagement statistics and constant content production, it can be easy to forget that marketing is nothing more or less than finding a way to talk to your customer.


Thanks so much to all the talented wholesalers, makers and retailers who took the time to speak to me in Sydney. I loved getting to hear your stories- and experiencing the beautiful brands that grew out of those stories and your passion.

Life Instyle - Lucia Phillip

Life Instyle - Lucia PhillipLife Instyle - Lucia Phillips


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