Refreshing The Home…


It’s one of the hottest trends coming in 2015 and we already can’t get enough of it…the lovely Taylor Ballard shares some fun and different DIY ways to bringing the outdoors in…

A new year calls for new trends around the home! One of the biggest interior trends of 2015 is bringing the outdoors in! This trend is perfect for any home style and can be accomplished easily and inexpensively!


An initial thought when tackling this new home trend, is wood. Wood pieces can be warm or elegant and even painted or stained to your specific taste. I love a great contrast of white walls with a dark mantel or dining table!


Another great way to bring nature into your home is by bringing live plants into the home! There are tons of house plants that are perfect for even the forgetful waterers out there. Plants such as air plants! These amazing little specimens thrive on air alone. They also help clean the air in your home! Air plants can be easily displayed and can bring a whimsical vibe to any digs!

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