Brooding Bedrooms

Brooding Bedrooms

I love the impact of a dark, moody bedroom with charcoal walls, monochrome accents and muted lighting. The effect is rich and dynamic, creating a sense of intimacy and warmth. So how do you go about creating a bedroom with such intense drama?

Moody Hues

Introducing a seriously dark wall colour is the perfect place to start. Greys, charcoals and even black can be used to great effect, giving immediate punch to the room. Walls don’t need to be painted, you could go for a beautiful textured wallpaper to give a luxurious sense of layering. I love using grass weave or silk wallpapers to add a tactile element to the room.

Brooding 2

Tone on Tone

The look works well when all the elements of the space share the same tonal family. Keep bedding within the grey spectrum with limited use of white as the contrast will be too strong. Layer up with different textures, materials and patterns to create interest.

Brooding 3

Low Light

Nothing kills a moody bedroom quite like a bright overhead light. Keep lighting to a minimum, focusing on bedside lamps, wall lights or dimmable pendants to add ambience. Again, think monochrome for the finish. Black or dark metallic finishes always looks stunning.

Brooding 4
Top Image: Ellis House


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