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Growing your online presence and building up your content library takes time. The beauty of it, however, is that your content will never stop working for you once it’s live. It will continue to accumulate search results and generate traffic to your site and you can re-package your content for lots of new purposes and events. While you’re building your content library (like we looked at last week here) here are some tips to create content more efficiently and effectively so your content can get working for you quicker.

Plan Ahead

Use a content calendar. Plan your monthly content ahead of time. This way you’re one step closer to achieving your content goals and planning, as we know, means you’re much more likely to ‘do’. Coming up with content ideas is half the battle. Put yourself in the best position and hold a content planning session once a month so you’re ready to go. Download my 2015 Content Calendar here and get planning.


Embrace User Generated Content

Encourage your social media community to share their love for your business by letting them know you’ll regram posts you love. Not only will you have original user generated content to share, but their posts will introduce your business to their followers through tagging your brand. Consider holding a competition where followers can post an image of your product or something that relates to your service to enter to win a beautiful prize pack.

Use Visual Templates

If creating inspiring images is where you get stuck, check out these user friendly and design happy apps. Canva has a suite of beautiful templates for blog posts, social media and more. Discover how to use it here. Word Swag is another app that lets you create inspiring images from unique templates in moments. Check it out here.

Word Swag lets you create beautifully designed images perfect for social media sharing in moments.

Word Swag lets you create beautifully designed images perfect for social media sharing in moments.

Think Outside the Square

Test out new ways to source and create content quickly. Think inspiring interviews, behind the scenes photos, unique stats – check out a post I wrote for Reed on content inspiration to get you started over here.

Discover Time Saving Tips

Think about how you work and where you can save time on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. When you create content, consider saving it to a Dropbox so you can download it on any device and share no matter where you are. Give yourself a time limit to smash out a blog post so you don’t find yourself unnecessarily spending hours editing. Make the content creation process work for you and believe in your ability to get it done! It’s all there…just let it out!

Have any other tips you’d like to share? I’d love to know what you’ve thought about this mini content series. What are your biggest challenges when it comes to creating content? Shout out below!

Kylie, x

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