How to Build your Email List: Converting Followers to Subscribers

How to build your email list

You may have heard me say it before, but I will continue to remind you beautiful kin: always, always be converting your social media followers to email subscribers. Now let’s talk about the why and how of doing that.

Why build my email list?

I love social media. That doesn’t stop me, however, from recognising its limitations. Social media is rented space lovely ones, and don’t forget it! You rent your space on social media. Your landlord sets the rules. We saw it happen most recently when Instagram introduced the new algorithm (read more on that here). A lot of people were pretty upset by this big change and it was the perfect reminder that social media will always be changing and there’s nothing we can do about that except find ways to grow with it and, on the side, keep working on the stuff we do own. That means your website, blog and email list.

Once you’ve got those gorgeous peeps signed up, you have a strong, direct line of communication and a valuable asset for your business. This also means you shouldn’t forget about it! Don’t ask people to sign up and then never send them anything. Make it worth their while and feel good about it too.

How do I grow my email list?

Here’s our top tips to build that email list and convert those social media followers to subscribers.

Make it clear
Make it easy for customers who are landing on your website to sign up to your emails. Invest in a pop-up or smart bar that prompts people to sign up, or add a sign up tool in plain view so people don’t have to search to subscribe. Don’t forget to add a call-to-action on important pages such as your About Me page and Contact page.

The Minimalist Email Marketing

When you visit most websites, you’ll notice a pop-up that invites you to sign up for members-only benefits, just like this gorgeous one over at The Minimalist.

I know it might sound crazy, but sometimes if you want someone to do something, the simplest method is just to ask. If you want your social media followers to sign up to your email list, ask them to! You could offer them a promo code or free content as a thank you. You could even ask them what kind of content they’re after or what they like best so you know what they’re looking for when they sign up.

Make it valuable & give subscribers an incentive
Just like social media, we don’t just ask our audience for something, we give them something instead. It’s a relationship, not a one-way street. Add a pop-up or smart bar on your website that encourages your kin to subscribe by offering them something in return. It could be a free eBook, a gorgeous downloadable, a mini course or membership to your private Facebook group. You might not think you have anything to offer but we assure you, you do! Get creative and think outside the box. A couple of software options to help you do this are Hello Bar and Smart Bar.

Promote it via social media
Get those social media followers converting to email by promoting your email benefits on social media and including a link to sign up in your Instagram and Facebook profiles.

Email Marketing for your business

We have a Resources page on our Of Kin website that offers free ebooks and content for email subscribers including this Social Media Survival Guide. Valuable, easy to access, content that’s packed full of info and free for our kin.

Make the most of events
Do you hold live events or set up stall at trade shows? Do you show at Life InStyle? These are the perfect opportunities to collect email addresses from visitors. The same goes if you have a bricks and mortar store – always be asking every customer if they’d like to sign up to become a member and don’t forget to explain the wonderful benefits available to them if they do!

You’ve built up your email list, now what?

As you build your email list, you want to also make sure you’re keeping them. Don’t fall into the trap of encouraging people to sign up and then never sending them anything. Create exclusive content just for your email list so that customers can see the value in being a member – it might be first access to event ticket sales, exclusive discounts or special content crafted just for email subscribers.

One more thing!

Emails = sales. It’s true. At a very minimum, don’t miss out on emailing your kin for key seasonal dates such as Mother’s Day and Christmas, and your own business sales and campaigns. For other content, ask yourself, what events are important to my business and audience? Consider sharing content for the new year, back to school, Valentine’s Day, Easter, special events, new products, new blog post, team news… the list is endless!

Optimise for mobile
And, don’t forget to always optimise your emails for mobile. People are accessing emails and social media mostly by mobile so make it easy for them to read and view.

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to building your email list gorgeous kin? I’d love to know! Shout out below and let’s tackle this one together.

Kylie, xx

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