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Jessica Jane Sammut, founder of Mama Disrupt chats to Life Instyle Melbourne retailers at Conversation Series about how she built her tribe of fearless and loyal followers with content that speaks directly to them. Here are Jessica’s top 5 tips.

Mama Disrupt

  1. Concept + Purpose = Top Notch Business! Your concept is solely driven by your purpose and often what you feel is lacking. This is the heart of your business
  2. What your customer says about you is a direct reflection of the energy you put out there. Your passion, your energy, your voice and your authenticity is what is relatable. Stay true to you and your vision. Followers can smell something is off from a mile away – they are mama’s after all – staying authentic
  3. Establish an operational framework. These systems include booking, accounting, postage, staffing systems etc…This is the body of your business and without legs it won’t go!
  4. Branding is what the customer and the world at large sees. It is your image and your customers’ experience that needs to be established early to be able to build your reputation. It sets you apart from your competition, gives you focus and generate sales. These are the clothes of your business.
  5. It’s time for launch. Be ready for a number of people who are already standing on the street with you. You need to make people look at you and attract their attention. Engage with your community, yell at them (with an amazing & authentic social media presence).

TO DO: Write down your mission statement, summarise it into action points, smash out a successful business. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

ADVICE: Trust in your ability, trust in you.

Mama Disrupt

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