HOW TO: Buy right for your customer


Melissa & Jetona from The Lot Co. are seasoned vets when it comes to understanding trends and how to buy right for your customer. We sat in on their Conversation Series session to discover their top tips on how to buy right and style right for our customers.

Here are their top tips:

  • Always have a mix of trends. Those that are trending now and those that will trend in the future. You want to be able to support the current trends and guarantee sales now but you also need to show you are ahead of the times and trends with new products
  • Vary your price points. This is dependant on the area in which your store/s are located. You need to have the ability to sell to anyone who walks into your store regardless of their budget
  • Set up your sales racks/shelves at the back of your store. This makes customers walk past all of your products before they get to the sale section, therefore, increasing your chances of receiving a full priced sale + any discounted purchases
  • Use your shop window. If there is a particular item you wish to sell more of, place it in the window and then place the product more towards the back of the store, again to increase the chances of upselling


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