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So who knew that choosing a cloth square for your floor could be so hard? Probably anyone who has ever sought a rug would understand what goes in to choosing a rug. I myself have gone through this pain and have recently done the same for a client, luckily the client wasn’t as fussy as me and was quick to make their decision. 

Size, colour, material, thickness, backing/underlay and texture are some of the issues that need to be decided on when choosing a rug.

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One King’s Lane

Size – A very important factor when choosing a rug. I love a big rug and think big is best but of course there certainly are instances when it can be too big. If the rug is for a lounge room I personally much prefer the rug to be positioned with the furniture on top of it, even if it is only a very small portion of the furniture. Doing this makes the room appear larger and more inviting. Bordering a rug so that it is at least 60 cm from the wall is also good practice, this way your lovely floorboards (or whatever your flooring) is shown off and it doesn’t look like you have some dodgy renters carpet underneath that you are trying to hide.

Colour – Another biggie. Do you want your floors to scream “look at me” or would you prefer your guests to focus their eyes on your stunning artwork or beautiful water view?. A bold pattern can be chosen where there is no outlook from the windows in the room and there are other features that didn’t need attention. But if you want to be bold, then a rug is a great chance to do this. It is also important to choose a colour that will wear well and you won’t have to worry about it showing up dirt, footprints and spills.


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Loloi’s Adler

Material – This goes hand in hand with colour and thickness. You need a material that will wear well and not show up dirt and marks. Sisal and jute are great options for this reason however they also are very hard to touch and not inviting if you have floor sitters and want to lie on the floor in front of the fire or TV.

Thickness –As already discussed, if you have floor sitters you will probably want a lovely plush thick rug, be mindful of trip hazards and wobbly furniture if it is too plush.

Backing/underlay –Some pure wool rugs have latex backing, such a brilliant idea. Besides being anti slip, the latex protects your floor from all of the dirt falling through and scratching your lovely floorboards. One thing to be wary of though is breath-ability. If you live in a coastal region especially its important if you have hardwood floors to give them a bit of a breather from a constant latex surface once in a while. Of course you can buy underlays if you have a rug such as a kilim that is a little hard or slippery.

Texture – Choose a texture that suits your needs. Jute is hard-wearing and good for high traffic areas, thicker more plush rugs are better suited to low traffic areas where you want to lay or sit on it, such as lounge rooms- definitely not under dining tables!

If you can find a rug that works for you and your space in all of these categories then I suggest buy it now- you have hit the jackpot!!



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