Courageous content: What can I blog about?


But, what could I blog about? It’s a question I hear all the time from clients and friends and wholehearted kin. I believe a blog is one of a brand’s most important assets – a window into the soul of your business and a way to share your story, which, after all, is exactly why we’re here. So, here’s my tips to get courageous with your content and start telling your story.

I’m here to tell you that we do want to hear about your thoughts, your ideas, your beliefs and everything in between. We do want to know what brought your business to life and what made you pursue it. We do want to know what makes you happy. Your words are valuable, your thoughts are worthy, your story is courageous.


Let’s get mindmapping

  1. Grab a piece of paper and a pen.
  2. In the middle of that piece of paper, write the word BLOG in big, bold letters and circle it.
  3. Take a moment and think about everything that you love and that your business loves, everything you’re passionate about, that you believe in and that you value. Now, put pen to paper and get it all down.
  4. Draw a line from the circle to the outer area of your piece of paper and write down the first ‘topic’ or ‘theme’ or just whatever thought comes to mind. Then from that theme or topic, think about everything that’s related to it and write them down with their own little lines.
  5. Keep doing this until you’ve exhausted all the little lines and all the topics and sit back and soak up your content filled, inspiration sparking, mind map.

Content Themes

Now that you’ve got your inspiration and your content ideas, start to sort them into themes if you haven’t already. For example, one of these themes might be your business story. Another theme might be ‘working mother’ and what that’s meant to you. Another could be ‘health and wellbeing’… whatever they are, start to group all ideas and inspiration into themes which will help you focus your content.

Content Types

While we know that the main type of content here will be your blog, you can also start to think about where else this content could sit or how it might look. For example, does the blog post on your business story include a video of you welcoming customers or clients to your brand? Does this video also live on your About Me page, or is it linked to from there? Consider all the touchpoints so you can make the most of your curious, kind and courageous content.


My one golden tip

Just start. Starting is the hardest part. Putting that first blog post out there, whether a short introduction or a lengthy article, is the first hurdle. Once you’re out there, you’ll realise it’s not so scary and you do have a wealth of knowledge to share.

Ok, I do have one more golden tip… Have patience and don’t forget to promote your blog posts on social media. I know this is scary too – but you’ll discover a community of people who love what you do and who want to know more, much faster if you’re sharing your blog with your social audiences, than if you’re not. Don’t keep us in the dark – we want to know what you’re up to!

I hope that’s helped you squash the fear a little and I hope those mindmaps are going wild. Mindmapping, creating, blogging, sharing – these are some of my favourite things and you deserve to have yours celebrated just as much as anyone else.

What are you going to blog about? Go on, get out there and take a leap.

Kylie x

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