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Your database is often the forgotten child when it comes to marketing. Answer this question – When was the last time you emailed your database? If you have to think about it, it was too long ago.

Whether it be of 100 or 1,000,000 your database of customer emails is a valuable source when it comes to marketing.

Today’s blog post, is all about how you can create epic EDMs that convert to guaranteed sales in five easy steps.


  1. Be Authentic. First impressions last.

Any email you send from your business should be an extension of your brand. Whether the recipient is on your website, social media accounts or receiving an email from you, these should all be branded the same. One company that does this well is Bear Ltd. The all natural vitamins company is owned and run by social media starlet Saasha Burns and Partner Sammy Leetham.

Everything from the BEAR website, social media, emails and even Saasha and Sammy’s social media platforms themselves, the minimalist aesthetic rings true across EVERYTHING!

“Why does everything have to look the same?” – we hear you ask?

Consistency across your brand allows the customer to become familiarised with your product and business, after all, they signed up to your database because they like who you are. Consumers are very savvy these days and they can sniff out a phony from miles away.

When planning what your EDM will look like, sit down and think about your product and it’s packaging. If you had to digitally package your product, what would it look like? As silly as it sounds, how would it talk/what would it’s tone of voice be? Answering these question will help you stay authentic and true to your brand.




2. Use the KISS principle

Otherwise known as Keep It Simple Stupid! this is the approach you need to take when creating your EDM. What is the eventual outcome you want the recipient to take? Do you want them to purchase a particular product? If this is the case, make this product the hero within the email and have 1 call to action which takes the recipient straight to buying the product. Make sure there are no roadblocks in the way of your receipient buying the product. If there are any other options to click off on, leave or their attention is drawn away from the sole purpose of the email, you will find a dropoff in conversion.

Ironically, check out this email below from Sheike featuring none other than Saasha Burns herself. This simple image and a button that clicks through to buy this dress is all that is within the email, thus creating the most simple path to a successful sale possible.


3. Consider your timing.

Think about when you are most likely to open an email and actually pay attention to it. We guarantee it would not be first thing Monday morning or Friday afternoon. You also need to take into account your target market. Who are they? Are they stay at home parents who are kid free during the day, parents doing the school run, 9-5 office workers, retirees or teenagers/young adults?

Take into consideration what they could potentially be doing at the time you want to send your EDM. Are they waiting in the car for their kids to finish school, are they on lunch break, do they potentially have a party to go to on the weekend. Also, take into consideration, pay day. Traditionally, Thursday is payday (hence late night shopping on Thursdays), so sending a purchase based email on Thursday is more likely to lead to an impulse purchase.


4. Subject line is everything!

Your subject line is your number 1 priority. Your email could be the most amazing thing you have ever created but if your recipients do not open it, all of your hard work is lost. There are many approaches you can take when it comes to your subject line. You can ask questions, solve problems, use a simple statement, hard-hitting or get straight to the point. Here are some examples for an email that is designed to sell new arrival dresses.

  1. The dress of your dreams is one click away
  2. Have you got your weekend outfit sorted?
  3. NEW ARRIVALS | Dresses
  4. FOMO? NO NO! Get your hands on the hottest dresses of the season.
  5. Outfit issues? Not with our latest arrivals.

The one thing you need to avoid though is using words such as discount, sale, free, cheap etc. These words can cause your email to be trapped in spam filters and not reach your recipient at all. Ultimately you need to ask yourself – Is this subject line going to MAKE people open the email? If the answer is maybe, no or not sure – change it!

5. Need Inspiration?

If you are still stuck on how to create your next email, check out Milled. This website collects emails from companies from around the world and enables you to “follow” them to see what they are doing.

Our faves to follow are:



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