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With possibly one of the best concept stores in Australia, Lucy Given from Luc Design was able to take a few minutes out of her busy schedule to chat with eager retailers at Conversation Series Melbourne about how to create your own destination retail space. Here are a few of her top take aways.

LUC Design

  • Customer recognition is key. People want to feel like they are important and welcoming each person as they enter your store by name (if possible and especially locals) allows them to feel more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Build on your database. When regular clients come in, add details of their purchases to a file in your POS system. Some systems allow you to create customer profiles so when that person enters your store you already have their clothing size and a general idea of what type of product they like, so you are able to cater their experience accordingly
  • Sensory stimulation – Having a good looking store is not enough these days, all the sensors need to be stimulated in order to enhance the experience your customer will have. Offer a beverage such as a tea on a warm day or a fruit infused water on a cold day. Light product candles within the store to engulf the sense of smell.
  • Be consistent across all platforms including social media, website, store etc…
  • Have a store that has an instagrammable moment in it.
  • Curate products that suggest a certain lifestyle or theme that provide a great customer experience with products that tell a story.

LUCY’S TOP TIP: Social media platforms for your business should be used for that reason. They should not include posts of your dog or vacation unless that is the business you are in.

A statistic to remember: 80% of customers will view your store online before physically coming in store.

LUC Design

Tickets for Conversation Series are still available here.

Registration to attend Life Instyle Melbourne is still open. You can register here.

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