DIY Leopard Reindeer


Looking for a “one of a kind” decoration piece this holiday? Check out this fun and easy-to-follow tutorial by our DIY superstar Naomi Slater of Slater Place on creating a fancy and unique leopard-print reindeer to decorate your Christmas this year…

“This world without a leopard…I mean, who would want to be here?!” Diana Vreeland said this, and, while I can’t remember what she was talking about, it could have been Christmas.

But no more! Dear readers, in this special Christmas DIY we’re putting the feline in feliz navidad.

The supplies for this are super simple – just some paint and a Christmas shape of your choice (available at most craft stores). I had a quick look at a leopard dress I had to get the general idea for a pattern, then just winged it. One of the beauties of leopard (and there are many) is how hard it is to screw up.



I primed my reindeer first (that’s what the large brush was used for), but this was probably not necessary. It’s not like these things are going to be seeing a lot of wear and tear.

If you’re priming your shape, wait for this layer to dry. If not, go ahead and get started on your spots.


As I said, go nuts. Have a few eggnogs to loosen up – it will only improve your leoparding skills.  Cover your shape in your base colour spots. It’s worth noting here that while I went with a somewhat “traditional” leopard colour theme, you can use whatever you want. Have a look online for some colour combo ideas.



Have another eggnog while you wait for your hard work to dry, then it’s time to do the accents.



Once your accent spots are also dry, accessorise your shape as you see fit and relax in the knowledge that Christmas just got more chic. Mee-oww.

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