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The Pure Linen story dates back to a childhood in St Petersburg for Proprietor and Creative Director, Marina Wiese. Influenced by Russian culture and a strong sense of family, Pure Linen is a testament to traditional craftsmanship in a contemporary context. Marina discusses the importance of Life Instyle to her brand and her predictions for the trends of 2016.

Tell us a little bit about your background & journey in what led you to Pure Linen.

PURE LINEN has always been my destiny, but it didn’t become a reality until I moved to Australia in 2001. In Russia, linen is an everyday textile. I was brought up with linens on the bed, on the table, in the bathroom and in the wardrobe. So linen is close to my heart. I’ve been pretty spoilt. When I was leaving Russia, my mother gave me a handmade linen tablecloth and wedding runner by my great-great-grandmother. When I started this business, I framed it and hung it in my office. I studied and worked in finance in Russia, but I believe it is my 11-year arts study that informs my business. I employ classical Russian training in painting and drawing to choose styles, colours and styling, always aiming to deliver the best contemporary colour combinations across the diverse styles – from heritage to provincial and modern – in my collections. I’m not just selling a product. I am producing something I love. My experience and what I love has become one picture and I believe in my product; it speaks for itself. I still get really excited when people buy my product. It means they understand the beauty of this natural fibre and appreciate the resulting folds, touch and patterns as I do. I appreciate the beauty of anything from 18th-century French designs to the contemporary. I have a very open mind when it comes to design. At PURE LINEN, we focus on timeless styles that will last the test of time and will work in traditional to contemporary homes and settings. This approach is really about respecting the natural beauty of the linen and allowing the fibres, touch, folds and inherent beauty to be the inspiration for our products. If I were to name just two countries that have inspired me most, I would have to say Italy and
France. I love everything about Italy – the nature, history, food, culture and way of life – and I love the eclectic look of classic French style. Our linens have that eclectic nature in that they
can be whatever you want them to be, allowing you to express your individual style.

What product has been nominated for the GALA awards? Why do you think it was chosen as a finalist?

Our Casablanca Collection was chosen for the GALA awards in the Eco Product category. This collection is very different to anything else in our bedding range and is very different to anything else on the market for bed linen. We celebrate the raw fabric in Casablanca, with minimal intervention with the natural fibre. As a result, it has that beautiful raw linen look, with an almost silk-like sheen. The beauty of this piece is also that it will change and soften according to your use, so it is a uniquely personal bedding choice.

Why do you exhibit at Life Instyle?

Life Instyle is the best trade show, providing an opportunity for designers and buyers to gather under one roof. The best place to exhibit and share our new linen collections to clients and meet new people in the industry.

Do you have any new product ranges this year? What are you excited to launch for 2016?

We are excited about our Casablanca Collection and our Ningaloo Collection. I am working on a new table linen collection for the hospitality industry, as well as a very exciting new collection of linen fabrics.

What products do you see at the moment that you can’t get enough of?

I am loving my friend’s new suede and pearl necklaces (Proud Pearls). I am wrapping them around my wrists as layered bracelets. I also love the new Japanese benches by Ishinomaki Laboratory at Design Farm in Perth. We used some of the benches in our Irma throw shoot. Then, of course, I can’t get enough of Camilla kaftans – they are my guilty pleasure!

How do you see the retail industry and its trends currently? Do you have any predictions for the 2016 homeware trends?

We are seeing more blues and oceanic colours. Of course, we are bringing the outdoors in through plants and colour and there is a wonderful focus on authenticity and sustainability. People are appreciating the story behind pieces and the integrity it has in its making and the world around it.

Can you give us a short run down on what a typical day in the life of Pure Linen would be like?

While my daughter Katya is likely to do a gym session before work, I start at my computer while in bed. Once at the office (around 8am), we make a black coffee and check emails. From there it doesn’t stop. We are by appointment, so we will see interior designers and hospitality and fashion clients throughout the day, plus answer what sometimes seems like an endless stream of website queries! Katya & her team will organise the logistics to get samples and products to people, while I may call and email around the world to sort quotes and check time frames. While we technically close at 4pm each day, we tend to stay late – quite often until 7 or 8pm – handling all the orders.

Brands you admire?

Adam Goodrum by Cult, By Lassen, Mud Australia, Camilla, Maruni, Grorg Jensen, Armadico & Co

What’s one thing on the Christmas list?

French Champagne & caviar.

Marina Wiese is the Proprietor / Creative Director of Pure Linen.
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