End of Financial Year Tips: Planning your Quarter

Planning your Quarter

When you actually create a plan for your business and your digital marketing, you’re creating a path for you to follow and giving yourself direction so that you can focus your efforts and actually see and feel the benefits. We’re diving into one of my favourite activities now: mind mapping and planning. Now that you’ve reflected on the last financial year and gained insights into your content and digital marketing efforts, it’s time to get sorted for the next. Let’s go.

Mind Mapping

This mind mapping process is for you to download all the beautiful, inspiring, wonderful ideas in your head so you can use them to plan ahead.

Mind mapping is a colourful brainstorm of lines and words and graphics on a page. One thought leads off into another. I use mind mapping regularly to explore content ideas whether a series of blog posts or an ebook or ecourse. Once you start writing one thing, you’ll notice another thought pop up that leads from there. Write it all down. Don’t worry about keeping it neat or staying within the lines. Mind maps are meant to be messy.

Read back over your content insights from last week. Keep those learnings fresh in your mind. Then grab a piece of paper, turn it horizontal and start by giving your mind map a topic or theme in the centre of the page. It can simple be ‘CONTENT IDEAS’ or it could be a question or a theme that’s central to your business. This is your starting point. From here, draw a line from the centre and write the first thought that pops into your mind, then keep adding. Don’t overthink things. Just let it flow. If you need to grab another piece of paper, grab one and keep going.

As you’re mind mapping, look for patterns. Your map will help reveal a natural structure for you to follow.


Tony Buzan invented the concept of mind mapping and this is one of his wonderful example mind maps. Get those colourful pencils ready kin!

Planning Your Quarter

Now you’ve got your gorgeous mind map overflowing with ideas and themes, use this to help you choose what to focus on and plan out the next three months. Remember, you don’t need to do everything. Your mind map might have enough content ideas in there to keep you going for a year, and if you want to roughly map out the year, go for it. Right now though, you’re just planning the next three months.

Start by answering these questions:

  • What’s happening for my business over the next three months?
  • Are there any holidays or seasonal timings I should be taking into consideration?
  • How am I going to approach the lead up to Christmas?
  • Looking at my mind map, what is calling me? What’s jumping out as something I want to start? Is there a leap hiding in there?
  • How will I transfer these ideas into content across my different platforms? (i.e. Is it a blog series that will then be promoted across social and email?)

As you answer these questions, start mapping out the next three months, putting a rough plan into your calendar. Always remember, it’s ok for your dates to change, but getting them down gives you structure and will help guide you through if and when you’re feeling like you have nothing to say. This is a flexible plan gorgeous kin but it’s a plan nonetheless!

Is there a leap calling you

Take A Moment to Celebrate!

You’ve made it through another financial year, this alone is cause for celebration lovelies! You hung in there through the good and bad and everything in between. Running a business is no easy feat nor is working for someone else’s! You deserve to take a moment to celebrate the journey. Some raw chocolate and chai is definitely in order.

Have you used mind mapping before to help you work through ideas and get a plan together? What are you struggling with right now when you think about planning for the next three months? Is there anything holding you back? I’d love to help you work through things. Shout out below, we’re in this together!

Kylie, x

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