End of Financial Year Tips for Small Business: Content Insights

End of Financial Year Tips Content Insights

Before planning ahead for the next financial year or even just the next three months, it’s a great idea to take a look at your social media and digital marketing insights so you can understand what worked and what didn’t. Your content insights will inform your decisions and show you where and how to focus your efforts so you can avoid wasting time and instead focus on the things you love doing. Who wouldn’t want that?

You don’t have to be a data enthusiast to discover how your content is working for you. You just need to know where to look and what to look for. Let’s dive in beautiful kin!

Content Insights

Your insights let you know what content your tribe likes and responds to by looking at how people are commenting, liking, sharing or clicking on a link. Here’s where to look and what to look for depending on where you post and share content.


You can access Facebook Insights on your Facebook business page along the top menu. To discover when your followers are online, head to ‘Posts’. You’ll see a table similar to the one below that will show you when your audience is online and detail around which days too. Then, scroll down to see which posts received the most engagement in the form of reach, post clicks, likes, comments and shares.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 2.57.00 PM

In Facebook Insights, click on Posts and you’ll discover the times when your audience is online so you know when to post.


This year Instagram launched business profiles (read about it here). This offers you free statistics around what posts are most engaging, who your audience is and when they’re online.

If you’re not using the new Instagram business profile feature, Iconosquare is a paid service that offers Instagram analytics or Pikore will offer you free basic stats too. Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 3.39.04 PM 1

Pikore shows you the times your audience is online. If you hover over the squares, a pop up will tell you on average how many interactions you get per post at that time of day.


You can access analytics on Pinterest if you have a Pinterest business account. It’s super easy to set up if you don’t lovelies, click here to make the switch.

Once in your analytics, there are some great stats to look at so don’t be afraid to play around! Make sure you look at your top pin impressions which are the pins that have reached the most people and the boards with top pin impressions which shows you the boards that are getting the highest reach. You can also see the clicks, saves and likes that pins receive and you can even see what interests your followers are into by clicking on ‘People you reach’ and then ‘Interests’.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 3.06.01 PM

You can see what categories and interests your audience is most engaged in on Pinterest to inspire new content themes and boards.


Many email software services such as Mailchimp, offer reports on the links clicked in each newsletter, so you can see what your email list is actually interested in.


You can find analytics on your blog either in the backend of your website or via Google Analytics. Look at which blog posts received the highest number of views, how long people stayed on the page to read the post (i.e. did they click the link, land on the post and then leave because the title didn’t match what the content was about?) and consider what these numbers are telling you.

What do your insights tell you?

For each of your digital and social media channels, look for the answers to these questions in your analytics. Grab a pen and get answering.

  • What is the best time to post for each platform?
  • Are there any content types (videos, infographics, images) or content themes that your audience prefers?
  • What content received the highest engagement?
  • Which social media platforms saw the highest engagement overall and which social platforms drove the most traffic to your website?
  • What content were you proud of creating this year?
  • Where will you focus your efforts (i.e. on what content themes, types or social media platforms) going forward?
  • What would you like to try in the next 12 months?

Focus your efforts

Take some time to really get stuck in and find the answers to those questions. Let your answers guide how and where you focus your efforts. Digital marketing is a constantly evolving space and one that shows real results for businesses – it’s how we do marketing today! You want be making the most of your valuable time and focusing on the areas that will bring you the best results, while remaining in line with your business values and beliefs.

Before moving onto planning for the next year, get your head around what your content is telling you first so you know where to start. Next week, we’ll be stepping onwards and upwards.

Do you often check your content insights kin? What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to analysing your digital marketing efforts? Let me know and I’ll do my best to answer your questions and help you through it!

Kylie, x

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