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After starting a fashion label and asking her mum for $40,000 – which she failed at – Anna Ross, founder of Kester Black moved from New Zealand to Australia for more experience. After holding down a “real job” for 3 months Anna quit to dabble in jewellery. It wasn’t until she wanted to paint her sterling silver designs with nail polish that she realised  a huge gap in the market of ethical and vegan nail polish. See below Anna’s 4 top tips for sourcing ethical products for both retailers and businesses.

Kester Black

  1. Accreditiation – when sourcing ethical and sustainable product accreditation is incredibly important. Keep in mind accreditations are only relevant to one product line. For example, if the nail polish is certified organic the lipstick line may not be. Always ask the question of each individual product line.
  2. B Corp – This accreditation is a world wide inititive that keeps companies honest with there accreditation and puts the responsibility back on thecompany to remain “clean”.
  3. Questions for retailers to ask suppliers – Where are your products made? Where are your products packages? Are your products child labour free, vegan,  etc…? Where are your ingredients listed online?
  4. Keep communication open with your staff as they are the best source of ethical ideas.

TO DO: Educational content to be used on your social platforms is a great way to keep not only your customers educated but your staff as well as the content needs to be researched and verified.

ADVICE: Find a supplier you trust and stick with them!

Kester Black

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