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Prepare yourself for the innovative designs from Yogini Divine Living Co at Life Instyle Sydney. Yogini Divine Living Co create unique and beautiful products, designed with love to brighten up your daily surroundings.


Meet Yogini Divine Living Co

Welcome. We are Sandi and Felicity from Yogini Divine Living Co, hailing from beautiful Torquay, Victoria. We create beautiful things we love and use in our own lives so you can bring them into yours. We offer a bespoke range of unique Mandala Stencils inspired by the women of India who decorate their homes, floors and spaces with beautiful hand-painted chalk designs. Yogini Mandala stencils transform walls, surfaces, furniture and fabric inviting Happiness, Peace, Abundance and Love into any home or surrounds.

Love chopping board

We launched our inaugural collection in 2016, and find our inspiration through travel and stylish beach-side living. Our unique Mandala Stencil collection is inspired by our joint travels throughout India, where each morning we marvelled as local women decorated their floors and surroundings with beautiful hand-painted chalk designs. Intrigued by this daily ritual, we discovered that these intricate patterns signify a welcome to guests, and invite the divine spirits of good fortune to it’s’ inhabitants.

happiness on glass door

We believe that everybody can benefit from a little more Love, Happiness, Peace and Abundance, and the chalk drawings at our doorway every morning were a beautiful daily reminder of the blessings in life. Creatively inspired, this is where Yogini Divine Living Co was born, and we wanted to make it easy to replicate the beautiful artwork that motivated us on our travels, and share it with others.

Love cushion

In India there are always candles, beautiful scents and aromas, so we have also created a complementary range of Yogini hand poured soy candles to evoke the senses, create the mood, and complement the Mandala’s that offered such inspiration during our journey.

Flower 70cm

Ignite your imagination… invite the beauty of Yogini Mandalas into your life and transform your indoor or outdoor space with these reusable stencils. They are available in four designs, each in a range of sizes, and can be used with permanent paint or removable chalk spray for semi permanent applications – the possibilities are infinite. They are easy to use over and over again, and these designs make a great addition to any home or event. We love seeing how our customers use the stencils, transforming not only their decks, windows and walls but also pots, fabric, furniture, doors and all home décor.

Happiness range with buddha - Copy

Boho luxe is a huge trend in homewares and lifestyle, and we hope you can see the vision and let your imagination run away with ideas for how your customers will interpret this unique and original product in their lives. Perfectly suited to consumers who seek the best in home styling, boho style, relaxed living and even wedding concepts – we are excited to bring you the original Yogini Mandalas to set your store apart this season.


To find out more, please contact Sandi and Felicity at Yogini Divine Living Co.









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