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Growing up riding their bikes on the street until dusk, listening to Nirvana and the Pixies, and spending way too much time dreaming about being rock stars is what Kelli, design & production director of kids fashion label, Anarkid, drew upon when creating their latest label, launching at Kids Instyle SYDNEY.

Today we had a chat with Kelli about all things Anarkid.



“This feeling of freedom, combined with adventure and not conforming to the rules has always stayed with me and this is exactly what Anarkid is all about. We care about the world we live in, and we believe we can have a positive impact on making it a better place, so ethical production will always be a part of what we do, but when kids wear our clothing, we want them to feel a part of something. We encourage free thinking, a love of art and always a little touch of Anarchy.” said Kelli when asked about the ethos of Anarkid.


Anarkid began out of the chaos of founder, Kelli, having two babies in two years. After 20 years experience in the printed and digital advertising world, her passion for graphic design took a new course into fashion, and Anarkid was born. Last year, Kelli welcomed 2 investors onboard to take the brand to the next level and today, Anarkid has a full time team of four based across Melbourne and Sydney and a growing list of international stockists across 6 countries.

When Anarkid launched 4 years ago, organic and ethical manufacturing was new to mainstream manufacturing. Anarkid quickly became known for their strong stance on sustainable materials, ethical production and fair treatment of workers. This season, in addition to maintaining their core values, Anarkid is being steered in a new direction, and being taken back to where it all began.

Kelli, a self proclaimed ‘rebel’ describes Anarkid as being built on a solid foundation of style, understated cool and rebellion and that is what their next season ‘The Dreamer’ is all about.


Anarkid products are ethically made in India from 100% organic cotton wherever possible. Kelli visits the factory at least once per season to ensure they are maintaining their expectations of fair treatment of workers and a safe working environment.

The Anarkid team is excited to be showing their SS18 collection ‘The Dreamer’ at Life Instyle Sydney! It is their first transeasonal range to appeal to both the northern and southern hemisphere. It is also their second season of offering larger sizing up to 7 years. Feedback received on the range so far has been amazing, with the unicorns being the most popular print for both boys and girls.

Unlike most other brands who start out with a retail focus, Anarkid’s priority has always been on building the label by partnering with stockists. Anarkid stockists are the heart of what we do and take priority over their own retail customers. Anarkid offers lots of incentives for stockists including:
– Point of sale material
– Flexible payment terms
– Ability to top up throughout the season
– Social media support
– Brand rep packs

When asked what the best piece of business advice she ever received was Kelli said that knowing your numbers should be a high priority.



One finds limits by pushing them. – Kelli Marchewcka, Founder, Anarkid


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