What path brought you to Life Instyle?

Given our passion for the original we love that Life Instyle is an event, which showcases emerging trends on the cool side of style and design. This is the very space, which drives our buying, a space where we love to play.

A typical day at work involves…

There is no such thing as a typical day for me. I am the solo mother of five children and the owner of a start up- my day starts at 5.30am and ends about midnight. My life is a rollercoaster, and while I am doing something that I believe in, it is a juggling act. I believe it is important to show your children that if they want something, they need to work hard and make it happen for themselves. Whether I am travelling to secure the latest beautiful objects, researching new trends, or working on the latest shoot to create new photography for the brand, it’s always busy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our style is best described as…

Barefoot Gypsy is… unique, quirky, global beauty, crafted art inspired pieces, a fusion of customary traditions and modern artistic sensibility.

If I wasn’t doing this I’d probably…

I really love the free spirited notion of the traditional gypsy- a global traveller unrestricted by expectations. I love to travel and could think of nothing more enticing than spending my days trawling new places for beautiful things, even if only for myself.

Barefoot Gypsy skull removed 700x500

The biggest influence in my career life is…

Myself. I realised early on in my start- up, I am the only person who will make or break this opportunity. Each piece you see in my collection is there because I have fallen in love with it. Many brands buy for a customer, but my customer is me. In the beginning as I learnt what resonated for my clients, their style and their purchases, I realized I just needed to trust in what I loved. These were the pieces, which people wanted to take home. I can never predict what new trends I will come across but I now know to recognize when my instinct tells me it is beautiful and to make it part of the Barefoot Gypsy collection.


My dream mentor would be… Lisa Messenger

The more I read about this incredible entrepreneur, author and publisher, the more she inspires me. I love that she has a unique approach to every challenge and her career has come about from her seizing every opportunity, which presents itself. As an Aussie- 40 something woman succeeding globally, she is truly someone I admire.


Right now I’m working on…

I am in early talks with a couple of artisans in South America where I am planning to travel to this year. This offers a whole new style opportunity for me to explore, so I can’t wait to take this further with them. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Barefoot Gypsy Kannika bag 700x500

Our brand story: 

Barefoot Gypsy celebrates beautiful objects + textiles. We are committed to supporting local crafts and artisans around the globe, sourcing old and new pieces for our collection. We love unique. We love design.

Trend Watch:

Hand made is still the key trend we see retaining its strength. Everyone wants to own a one off- and the hand-crafted pieces I am collecting through my Central and South America travels are all bespoke.  Love them.

Sources of brand inspiration include…

I am constantly trawling design magazines, travel blogs and photography websites for style inspiration. I love to collect images, which show spaces with a personality. That’s what my collection is all about- pieces which give their owner a unique story.

Barefoot Gypsy kilim cushion 700x500

Share one of your proudest moments you’ve experienced in the business…

For people who know me well, I am not one to turn down a good chat. I love to talk, I am confident- but ask me to get up and speak to an audience and I would rather run. Public speaking is my ultimate challenge. Last year I was asked to give a talk at the Reed Trade Fair to other traders to share my story. It was one of the most frightening ideas I could face, but I gathered my thoughts, wrote down my story and did it.  It was nerve wracking, it was challenging, I will not do it again, but I did it and it went down well.  Bucket list checklist, tick.

What exciting things can visitors expect to see at the upcoming show?

The 2016 collection is all about global bohemian trends, we have textiles, fashion accessories and furniture pieces, which bring beautiful, design into everyday living. The newest additions to our product family are the Charpoy beds- a modern twist on a traditional piece with a long history. Can’t wait to reveal them.

Best piece of advice you’ve been given…

Follow your dreams and don’t give up.

What does the future hold for Barefoot Gypsy?

More travel, more beautiful objects and a bigger warehouse- need more space to house all of these treasures!

Barefoot Gypsy bedding w guitar 700x500


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