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You can expect quality and exclusive design from dog&boy at Life Instyle SYDNEY. Launching a brand new collection in a neutral palette with a splash of colour, dog&boy continues to deliver fashion forward accessories.



Scarves have always been a ‘thing’ for me. I’ve always worn them in some shape or form. I suppose it has become my signature. So when the idea for dog&boy came about one fine spring day in the dog park with my young son and goofy chocolate Labrador called Barry (yes, it really did), it somehow seemed perfect. I think it was part epiphany, part lifelong obsession with scarves and part frustration not finding something suitable, but the sunshine that fine spring day saw me take the leap from the corporate world of banking and consulting, to launching dog&boy in early 2016.

Life Instyle

I remember when writing a submission last year, the question was ‘Tell us about dog&boy’. Naturally, I started telling the story of ‘One fine spring day, in the dog park….’, but realised it doesn’t tell you who is dog&boy, or rather, why I get out of bed in the morning besides my furry chocolate marshmallow, Barry, demanding a walk?!

Simply, I want to connect. I want to connect with others who love and appreciate beautiful simple things.

dog&boy is about a journey. A story about simple moments from every day through design; and they aren’t just my story, they could be anyone’s. Every day is a journey. From a walk in the park, to the smell of rain, or changing of seasons, each design tells a story of love, joy and a little bit of magic.

Life Instyle

To talk about our brand ethos, you need to understand the inspiration behind the brand.

I am forever inspired by my mum. My mum was a frustrated artist – she was actually quite good and many of her drawings now feature in our designs. Mum would sit for hours in her garden enjoying and drawing the simple everyday beauty she saw. Sadly, when launching dog&boy she became very ill with an aggressive brain cancer and passed away very soon after.

It was a real moment of clarity for me as to how I wanted dog&boy to ‘feel’.

I wanted to capture those simple beautiful moments that happen each day, but with our busy hectic lives we don’t pause often enough to enjoy, to take a breath, to laugh, to look up, or to breathe deeply and just smile.

dog&boy isn’t just some gorgeous fashion accessory. It’s about making the women in our lives – wife, mother, sister, friend, even yourself – feel special every day by adding something simple yet luxurious to their outfit every day, no matter what their journey.

Life Instyle

You know when you stand in front of the mirror each morning and say, “I’ve got nothing to wear!”. The best thing that’s happened to your wardrobe since jeans, dog&boy scarves are sophisticated and timeless, designed to make every woman feel stylish and feminine and provide the final touch to any outfit. It’s a simple luxury for every day.

That feeling when you hold a cup of tea on a cold night, or that first sip of your favourite wine after a long day at work is the feeling of wearing a dog&boy scarf. It’s about feeling good, feeling special. Bringing a smile to your face and warmth to your soul.

When I created dog&boy, I became the customer – so what would I want and how do I want it to make me feel are the questions I asked myself prior to designing any products.

A dog&boy scarf is more than just a beautiful product. When a customer buys a dog&boy scarf, they are buying an experience – from the moment they feel the scarf in a retailer’s store, to when it is packaged in the branded gift box, to when they get home and read the ‘wear us’ brochure for styling ideas. Every step is created with thought and the end customer in mind to make them feel special.

Life Instyle

All our designs are printed on pure natural fibres. We use a premium cotton/silk blend fabric (70%/30%). The cotton makes the scarf very easy to care for and breathable, and the silk gives a stunning lustre and provides a gentle softness against the skin. Perfect if you are sensitive to typical scarf fabrics and synthetics.

Our designs are limited edition and each collection is different. The designs are digitally printed using reactive dyes which provide a beautiful crisp colour penetration to the fabric, but just as important, reactive dyes are eco-friendly as they are cleaner, safer and generally less wasteful than usual screen printing methods.

Life Instyle

There are some great plans for us this year. We finished on such a high last year after some wonderful awards – firstly as a finalist in the inaugural Simone Perele Fashion Start-up Scholarship, then nominated as finalist in 2 categories (crossing fingers for the award ceremony on 18 February!) for GALA as part of Life Instyle – there was a bit of couch jumping and squealing when we heard that!

We have also just celebrated our 1st birthday. So I suppose in dog years we are now in our tween years, and isn’t that all about adventure, imagination and possibilities??!!

I love the hindsight I take into 2017 after our first year. So with possibilities and hindsight, 2017 is going to be a year of exploration for us. We will be meeting with our manufacturer to develop and plan ideas for our future collections, extending distribution further into Asia and other international markets, and excitingly, some amazing collaborations with other brands.

We have been blessed with serendipity so far, and look forward to all the opportunities that the universe gives us. Watch this space!

Life Instyle

Life Instyle SYDNEY visitors will be the first to see our new collection featuring designs in stunning muted and classic tones with splashes of colour – it wouldn’t be dog&boy without a splash of colour!

I am also introducing a new size scarf for those who want a slightly smaller size scarf to our original size and of course all the designs are limited edition and presented in a beautiful dog&boy branded gift box ready to give.


So do come and see me at Life Instyle SYDNEY, I would love to know your stories too!





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