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Today we chat with the incredible, Sonya, from dog&boy who is back at Life Instyle MELBOURNE in her very first Life Instyle stand. Sonya truly has an incredible business story having exhibited twice as part of First Instyle and now has grown so much dog&boy can’t fit on a First Instyle stand any more. We are so excited to watch the continual growth of dog&boy and can’t wait for you all to see the new collection at Life Instyle Melbourne.
dog&boy - Life Instyle

I never intended to ever start my own business, funnily enough, let alone a business designing scarves. But, call it serendipity, the planets aligning or simply an opportunity that felt right, and here we are! I have always loved scarves. I couldn’t tell you when my scarf obsession began. I just know that I’ve always loved them. It’s been my way of being creative. For me, creativity is about expressing yourself, about finding ways to reflect who you are. Scarves can bring a pop of colour or a splash of contrast, even creating a juxtaposition in texture.

“I’m that person who will always wear a scarf in some way,
no matter the weather.”

dog&boy - Life Instyle

Prior to dog&boy I worked in the corporate world, surrounded by one-colour suits and one-colour shirts. I hated it. I didn’t want to fit that mould because to me, it was boring. I wanted to show my individuality, so I did it the way I always had: through scarves. I wore scarves everywhere and in all weathers. Even on a hot day, I’d still wear a scarf open around my neck or even tied to my handbag.

dog&boy is nearly 2yo and we have continued to refine and expand our range since first exhibiting at Life Instyle in 2016.

The pared back colour-ways in our new collection complement a neutral coloured wardrobe, perfect for the woman who enjoys on-trend but sophisticated and timeless design and needs something practical yet stylish for her everyday outfit.

Every collection is exciting, because the inspiration behind the designs is always so different. There are so many stories to tell of the simple beauty of everyday. We are incredible excited to announce, with this collection we now have 4 different scarf sizes – our signature oversized scarf; an oversized square; the classic scarf size, and for this spring-summer season, the kerchief.

This range of sizes, offers Life Instyle visitors various price points depending on their customer needs – from simple gifting through to investment purchases for those looking to update their wardrobe.

dog&boy - Life Instyle

My ‘usual’ scarf size is long and oversized, but this season as mentioned we are introducing the kerchief and I have to say I’m a bit of a fan – it’s one extreme to the other!

Our kerchief is a gorgeous 70cmx70cm square in luxurious cotton-silk blend fabric. Style it ubiquitously in classic nonchalant French sophistication – around the neck with a collared shirt or wrapped around the wrist for something a little different.

When I started to design for dog&boy, I didn’t just want to ‘make scarves’. For me personally, whenever I had bought a scarf, it was because I had connected with it somehow beyond just colour or design; it made me feel good.

So I wanted to create this same experience, a connection, for the customer, of something simple yet to bring something beautiful to their everyday and make them feel good. Every scarf design is unique, and every design tells a story of simple moments of joy or beauty in time that we so often overlook everyday with our busy hectic lives.

dog&boy - Life Instyle

Like dog&boy, our supplier who we visit each year, is a small family business based in Hangzhou, China – the silk capital of the world. By manufacturing at the source of fabric production, we minimise unnecessary production steps (compared to having to import and manufacture locally) thereby reducing our impact on the environment.

The digital print technology used to print dog&boy scarves uses reactive dyes which are excellent for use on cellulose (plant) fabrics and are eco-friendly. Digital printing is also cleaner, safer, and generally less wasteful, and less environmentally hazardous than analogue screen printing methods.

Visitors to Life Instyle are design focused and discerning, seekers of brands with a touch of difference, and a vibe of cool sophistication just like their customers, and I think dog&boy is the perfect match for them as it focuses on quality and originality creating timeless designs. Our designs are pieces you can wear in 5, 10, 15 years time and still look stylish. It’s not about the latest on the catwalk. It’s about investing in a piece that will not only make you look good, but also make you feel good whenever you wear it.

dog&boy - Life Instyle



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