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dog&boy scarves are the perfect everyday companion – and our go-to fashion accessory.  Timeless and sophisticated, Sonya, founder of dog&boy, creates her scarves to be an affordable luxury to make any woman feel stylish and feminine. Each piece adds a practical but gorgeous finishing touch to any outfit, complimenting the everyday wardrobe with each design telling the story of love, loss, longing or adventure – inspired by the simple beauty of everyday life.


The idea for dog&boy was literally born one fine spring day in the dog park.  Having always been a scarf lover, Sonya was telling a friend this particular day that she couldn’t find anything she loved. Her friend made a throw away comment, ‘Well make your own!’.

Not intending to start her own business not formally trained in fashion design, call it the planets aligning, or serendipity, Sonya is now the founder of the best selling dog&boy.

Sonya didn’t want to just make scarves, anyone can do that.  Sonya wanted to connect with women through design and make them feel good every day.  Never following the trends, or doing cookie-cutter patterns or ‘du jour’ images in their collections; each original design is considered and thoughtful, making it a classic that will never go out of style.

Excitingly dog&boy is a finalist for a 2nd time this year in the GALA (Gift & Lifestyle Awards) in two categories – Gift and Fashion & Accessories.  It’s a prestigious and competitive award in the retail world and there are some gorgeous brands and products vying for the accolade, but hopefully 2018 will be the year of the dog&boy!



The spirit of our children’s future is a strong motivator for dog&boy, so ethical sourcing and processes is a priority.

Like dog&boy, their supplier is a boutique family business based in Hangzhou, China where the most premium-grade silk, wool, cotton, and cashmere are milled and manufactured globally, including nearly 100% of all Australian wool and cotton.

The dog&boy supplier is certified for its ethical and fair-trade practices and Sonya visits every year to assess working conditions, oversee the printing processes and to source new fabrics.

By manufacturing at the source of fabric production, unnecessary production steps are minimised (compared to importing and manufacturing locally in Australia) thereby reducing their impact on the environment and can then offer retailers, a premium product at an affordable price.

dog&boy designs are printed onto premium-grade pure natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk and cashmere using digital print technology providing a superior quality print and finish.

This digital print technology uses reactive dyes which are excellent for use on natural fibre fabrics and are eco-friendly. Digital printing is also cleaner, safer, and generally less wasteful, and less environmentally hazardous than analogue screen printing methods.





Every season at Life Instyle dog&boy launches their new season collection, with each one different to the last to keep it fresh for retailers and what they can offer their customers.

At Life Instyle Sydney dog&boy will be launching the AW2018 collection in a stunning 100% Australian Merino wool.  It is simply sublime. Touch and texture is such a big part of the dog&boy experience, and this collection takes luxury to a new level.

Most exciting this season is dog&boy releases their first artist collaboration with Melbourne abstract artist Chalie MacRae (@chaliemacrae_art).

Chalie’s paintings, inspired by her experiences, are abstract depictions of moments in time. They combine controlled and unpredictable elements, which reflect her curiosity and love for adventure.

Despite working in different mediums, there is a real synergy between Chalie’s work and dog&boy designs and Sonya is delighted with the outcome of turning art into fashion.



dog&boy offers a beautiful contradiction between exclusivity and accessibility, which distinguishes them from other brands. The limited-edition designs make each scarf feel like a collector’s item, but the pricing makes it possible for every woman to treat herself.

When asked what her best piece of business advice was, Sonya responded, “Say yes to everything – what is the worst that could happen? and to be nice to everyone, you never know who they are!”

Life is a journey, not a destination.’ by Ralph Waldo Emerson is Sonya’s favourite inspirational quote and we think it really personifies dog&boy’s ethos.


Retailer Rapid Fire Questions

  1. Do you have a minimum order quantity? (MOQ)

MOQ for dog&boy are 8 items.


  1. What is your product lead time or are you ready to ship?

All designs at Life Instyle are available for shipment within 3 weeks post Life Instyle SYDNEY.


  1. Do you require a deposit?

No deposit at the show, but first orders/proformas are payment before shipment of goods.


  1. Can retailers schedule an appointment to visit you at Life Instyle & how?

Yes of course!  They can call Sonya on 0408986615 or email us at contactus@dogandboy.com


  1. How can retailers order?

They can order directly at Life Instyle at our stand or contact Sonya and she will email a fillable PDF form with our latest lookbook.


  1.  How can you be contacted?

Phone Sonya on 04089086615 or email contactus@dogandboy.com




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