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From humble beginnings of a black marker, paper and a cup of tea, Kookery is now a brand new exhibitor at Life Instyle and we can’t wait for you all to see the incredible range of cookware, textiles and greeting cards. We chat with Amy about their latest range and the Kookery story.

Kookery - Life Instyle
We started Kookery with a black marker, paper and a cup of tea. I wrote all the things I loved, textiles, beauty, tea, coffee, design, vintage kitchenware and simple pleasures that make life joyous.
From those words, I created a tangible product from all the little things that we celebrate in our daily rituals.

Joining our classic Kookery tea towel range, we are bringing to Life Instyle Melbourne our new range of aprons, cheese markers, bamboo tea coasters and our BRAND NEW company Culinary card company. The new laser cut products, cheese markers and coasters, give us the opportunity to play with our words and our food, in a new format, bring Kookery to the coffee table and create another beautiful gift for friends and family. Culinary card company, gives us the opportunity to express food in colour, with our new organic tea towel, native Australian ingredients recipe collection and bring our simple classic recipes and illustrations to new people.

Kookery - Life Instyle

I am really excited about our new native Australian ingredient range, it is the latest recipe release, and something I have been really enjoyed working on. Bringing the honest understated beauty of the Australian bush to people and creating accessible delicious recipes alongside.

At Kookery, we create every quote, every image comes from a tangible vintage kitchen item we have collected. I call myself a ‘Modern day treasure hunter’. We love bringing bold imagery and clever quotes to the kitchen and coffee tables. Culinary card company includes collectible & timeless greeting cards with simple recipes & beautiful illustrations. The Culinary card company has been born from a love of all things food, family, garden, and giving. The card has become more than just a part of the gift. Released in series of collectible cards, each greeting card is beautifully illustrated and accompanied with a simple recipe, that is both classical and timeless. To be given as a unique gift, provide inspiration, or framed as a keepsake.

Everyone has a foodie friend, a chef or a baking friend, these two brands give you the opportunity to offer the perfect gift for the foodie, gourmet market. We find that these two brands have a feel good feel, people love to share with a friend while browsing or grab a gift for a friend that they know will love it.

Kookery - Life Instyle

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