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We want to welcome you to the Kitchen of lük beautifood whose foundation is built on harnessing the beauty of food. They believe nourishing your whole body with healthy food should be central to cultivating your natural beauty and what you put on your body should be as nutritious and safe as what you eat.

We chat with theCindy, founder of lük beautifood and asked her a few questions about the future of beauty.

Luk Beautifood

You buy whole food and organic produce and avoid gluten and additives (E numbers) like the plague yet still apply beauty products filled with synthetics and potential toxins. Food contains active nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and anti-inflammatories that are essential for our skin, body and mind to operate at optimum levels. We all know how eating healthy food and feeling good on the inside shows on the outside.

So, lük beautifood take this knowledge and apply their expertise in food + nutrition to create simple, beautiful, multipurpose beauty products from active foods without using synthetic or toxic ingredients to nourish your skin from the outside in.

The core product range is Lük Lip Nourish, 100% Natural, Toxin Free, Nutrient Active Lip Stick, made from food. There are currently 12 in the range- from Nudes & Neutrals to Pinks & Reds. With no synthetic colours and no synthetic dyes, they harness the beauty of natural ingredients.

Luk Beautifood

Shaping The Future of Beauty

Truth in beauty product labelling is paramount for your health, community and planet – that is why lük beautifood created their 3 pillars to give you the real story.

100% NATURAL they don’t use synthetic ingredients.

At lük beautifood every effort is made to ensure products leave the smallest footprint possible. Products are not tested on animals and are proudly made in Australia following the guidelines for COLIPA & TQM systems.

NUTRIENT ACTIVE: Products are made with a potent mix of active foods that feed your skin with nutrients, hydration and protective antioxidants + anti-inflammatories while actively contributing to your health and wellbeing.

TOXIN FREE: lük beautifood does not use toxic ingredients that are known endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic or linked to cancer including preservatives, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic colours and fragrance.

Luk Beautifood

We asked lük beautifood founder Cindy what sparked her desire to start her business:

It all boils down to the fact “If we eat clean food why on earth aren’t we putting it on our skin as what goes on, goes in.” 10 years ago I inadvertently saw how lipstick was made and as a food scientist, it intrigued me to delve deeper. On researching, I quickly understood that lipsticks are made of oils, waxes, butters, binders, colours and flavours and that the recipe looked a lot like a chemical cocktail, not the skin ­healthy recipe it could be.

This simple fact inspired me to create innovative makeup swapping in extraordinary quality skin foods without adding synthetics and hazardous chemicals for outer beauty and inner health.

This modern approach to beauty is powered by 3 core principles:

  1. 100% Natural, Toxin­-Free Formulations: Clean, healthy, safe ingredients and natural pigments.
  2. Food Science: Harnessing the beautifying power of food’s active nutrients.
  3. Natural Beauty : A healthy glow begins within.

Luk Beautifood

Cindy introduces us to her lük beautifood team!

Kylie focused on the relationships with all of our stockists in Australia, and loves every minute. Kylie is caring, and considerate, and is one of the most gorgeous people you will meet, she lives remotely on the Central Coast with her family so we don’t see her much, but there she gets to surf every second day and maintain a life balance. Kylie will be at Life Instyle Sydney on the Thursday and Friday.

Morganna runs so many parts of this business for me! She looks after the Beauty Kitchens day to day, manages the warehouse and the demand, planning and ordering, and she wears the hat of the designer whilst our beautiful brand custodian Daynor is on maternity leave. Morgi lives in the inner west and it’s been a big year for her with her youngest Mala starting kindergarten.

We have Shalija who runs the incoming and outgoing of product and stock, she is just gorgeous and runs a tight ship, she is only new to Australia, moving to Sydney 6 months ago with her family for her husband’s work. Shailja found it difficult to adjusting in Australia, finding it challenging to find a job that would suit her experience,  diligent and focused I knew she would be a great addition to the lük beautifood family

We also have Teneale, she is dedicated as the new lead of Head of Sales & Marketing, with a passion for food, beauty and the beach, and a good 15 years experience in the industry across both core functions, she is helping me lay foundations for growth into the wider global market. Teneale will be there with me on Saturday & Sunday at LIS Sydney.
Luk Beautifood

And then there is Cindy! The Woman Behind the Brand

Cindy Luken is an accomplished entrepreneur, food scientist, product designer, chef, former biscuit baker and happy wife of 22 years (!) and mother of 2 little ones.

She believes that healthy food is the secret to happiness and attributes accomplishments in life and business to eating well and looking after her whole body. Following her mantra “live the life you love” in 2011 by creating lük beautifood

Previously she built and sold a successful business Lüken & May biscuits using private equity backing, and learning how to keep true to your passions, goals and desires. Her first company manufactured 30 million biscuits p.a. and spanned multiple channels from international airlines and 5 star hotels in Australia to supermarkets in the UK and the Starbucks chain in Japan.

Now with a small dedicated team she is focused on building lük beautifood into a cult beauty brand to take globally by pioneering clean, toxin-free, food active makeup and championing natural beauty.

Cindy wants nothing more than to disrupt the traditional beauty market approach to formulating products and how society defines a beautiful woman.


lük beautifood is Australian Made! Proudly made in Melbourne, the box packaging is made in Sydney, and the team box and distribute on site in the Beauty Kitchen. They are certified Australian Made and are proud to carry the Kangaroo Logo!


The new packaging launched in late November 2017 – the team is excited to introduce this to Australia as Life Instyle SYDNEY – the ingredients and formulation stays the same but now we have a new stick, with magnetic close, so no accidents in the make up bag or purse. Its light to touch Matte white finish – boxed in recyclable packaging – carrying all core information that is defined by regulatory procedures in AU – full ingredient lists, usage details and beautiful imagery tied back to the ingredients.


 Why you’ll love the product…

~ Sheer coverage in a pretty deep dusty rose pink

~ Colour and Nudes with healthy natural look

~ Creme-soft from avocado oil and cocoa butter hydrate, nourish and protect lips

~ Subtly flavoured with organic cold pressed lemon, mint and rosemary oils

~ No nasties – no synthetic dyes, preservatives, fragrance or petroleum oil

~ Luxe, velvet touch lipstick case with premium magnet technology, keeps your Lip Nourish safe where ever you go!



Luk Beautifood






Life Instyle Sydney

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