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After discovering the bath toys that were given to her precious daughter as presents were not at all safe for her, Lola from Mini Lolo went on a journey to discover a material that is not only safe for children to chew and suck on but is also safe for the environment thus MINI LOLO was born. Today we chat with Lola about what you can expect at Life Instyle MELBOURNE from the delightful MINI LOLO brand.

MINI LOLO - Life Instyle
When my daughter was born we received lots of bath toys as presents. One night when she was in the bath with all those bath toys and I felt concerned about the safety of those. After some research, I realised that they weren’t safe at all so I started to look for non-toxic bath toys for her. I couldn’t find many so decided to make my own. In designing them, we chose a material that was also great for teething and that is how Mini Lolo was born.

This season at Life Instyle MELBOURNE we are bringing everyone’s favourite and our signature toy: Lolo the dragon but we have also been working very hard to bring to life two NEW prototypes that explore new ways of interaction and play which will be launching in Spring. You can have a sneak peek at First Instyle stand F04 as soon as you walk in the door.

The new range is so exciting because they are all Australian animals! The echidna and the platypus have always been my favourite Australian animals, so we designed them into teething and bath toys. The echidna has beautiful bumps that feel amazing to touch and the platypus has a great shape with lots of places for your little one to chew on! Some would ask “why a Platypus?”

Some would ask “why a Platypus?”. I guess I have always been amazed at the platypus, so beautiful and unusual. In the design process the platypus was great to work with as it provides lots of shapes and holds for babies to interact with, I think that is why it is my favourite product in the new range.

MINI LOLO - Life Instyle
I remember when my son was little and bath time came and he wanted to take his teething toy in but was not possible as it could not go in the water. Mini Lolo toys have no holes so they can go in the bath or the pool safely without the risk of water going inside leading to mould growth. Made of 100% natural rubber, they are non-toxic so no nasty chemicals would leak into the water. Which means that the child doesn’t have to put down his favourite toy at all! Mini Lolo toys come in a reusable cotton pouch. There is no plastic used in the manufacturing or packaging of Mini Lolo toys and 3% of all our sales are donated to The Ocean Clean Up.

Our toys are handcrafted in Spain with 100% natural rubber. The natural rubber is extracted from sustainable plantations of the Hevea brasiliensis tree, then natural colouring is added to the rubber (this means no paint on the outside), centrifuged and poured into the toys moulds until set. Our toys are 100% all natural and safe. Mini Lolo’s colourful designs, matched with our wonderful customer reviews will add life to their stores.



MINI LOLO - Life Instyle

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