Featured Exhibitor: Miniséri

Husband and wife duo Kathryn and Michael Cason bring European flair to Life Instyle Sydney this year, with their gorgeous range of Miniséri French satchels and bags.

Kathryn wrote to us recently with a preview of her exciting new collection, a farewell to a popular favourite and an invitation to drop by and say hello.

“This year Miniséri is again exhibiting with Life Instyle. We’re really looking forward to meeting up with both existing/new customers and also fellow stand holders. This year my husband Michael will be staffing the stand on his own, so please be nice and kind to him and perhaps swing by with a half strength flat white for him occasionally :-).

This year we have a lot of new products. We’ll be introducing the new Un Style Français collection which is a beautiful collection for adults that evokes true French Style. We’ll also be introducing a new range of satchels for both children and adults that now come in 3 different sizes (previously it has been 2 sizes). The colours and digital prints are beautiful and right on trend with both the vintage theme and neons.

We’ve been enjoying introducing Miniséri to the Australian Market for around 18 months now, and this will be our third Life Instyle. It has been a business of ups and downs, but we have loved every minute of it so far. We stumbled across Miniséri when we previously owned a children’s art and gift shop. As we are from a small town we had to find products that another store in town did not hold exclusive rights for. Googling different key words, Miniséri ended up coming up in a search, and we approached Céline, the Designer, to sell the products in our store. She said that at that time she did not have a market in Australia. My husband and I spoke about this wonderful opportunity as we realised the quality and beauty of the products and believed they would be a great addition to the Australian Market. We put our hands up to Distribute Miniséri and the rest, as they say, is history. We now have many stores stocking Miniséri – both in Australia and New Zealand. We are very excited at the prospect of seeing more of our bags in more stores around Australia, from rural towns to cities.

Our biggest seller, the Leather Camel Tote, is sadly coming to its end of production. ‘Miniséri’ in English is ‘Mini Series’, and alas, our favourite tote will be no more. We still have a good quantity in our warehouse here in Australia, but when we sell the last one, sadly that will be it for this beautiful bag. If you like it, you’ll need to be quick to order as it is a constant, stable seller and we are always shipping it out the doors. Luckily, it is being replaced by a multitude of totes in different leathers and colours.

Come along and check out the new range and say ‘hi’ to Michael whilst you’re at Life Instyle. If you’re not won over by his fabulous smile, you will be by the new styles of Miniséri.”

For more information visit miniseri.com.au or drop by their stand (with a coffee for Michael) at Life Instyle Sydney February 21 – 24.

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