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In My Nest are a newly established company who are excited to be introducing a couple of handy new products for babies at Life Instyle Sydney – we are giving you the first sneak peek into what you will find at their stand…


IN MY NEST officially opened for business in March of 2013. The first two ‘babies’ in our Nest and ready for nation-wide distribution were two incredibly unique and innovative products Mixie Baby and the Sili Squeeze™. During their short time in Australia both products have hit the retail headlines numerous times.

Most recently the Sili Squeeze™ became a finalist in the GALA Awards for Life Instyle’s category of innovation.

Our Story:

As two new mothers thrown into a world of “must have” baby products for play, sleep, meal-time, travel and just about every aspect of our children’s existence, we quickly realised that most products either didn’t live up to their promise, were mass produced, out of date or a waste of money.

We decided to look beyond our backyard and search the globe to see what other products were being used by parents in other countries to go about their days. We were blown away by the products already on the market however not available in Australia or so hard to find that we didn’t know they were in existence!

We embarked on a journey to bring these products to the Australian marketplace for all caregivers to make their day just that little bit easier in a stylish and innovative way…and so “In my Nest” was born…

All of our carefully selected products are:

  • Innovative
  • Award Winning
  • Unique in their field
  • Tested and proven in many countries (and by us!)


The Sili Squeeze™

The Sili Squeeze™ continues to lead the reusable pouch trend with its intelligently designed and innovative product line that currently includes the Sili Squeeze™ and Sili Squeeze with Eeeze™ – two must-have products for eco-conscious families with active lifestyles providing children with a safe and eco-friendly way to enjoy mum and dad’s homemade baby food, healthy smoothies and ready made favourites like yoghurt.  The Sili Squeeze™ is now patented in Australia with its spill-proof spout, sleek design, and toxin-free materials that compose the four easy-to-assemble, dishwasher and freezer safe components.

Designed by a mum with an environmentally conscious-mind, the Sili Squeeze™ has quickly become one of the most talked about must-haves amongst parents across the globe. Saving hundreds to thousands of dollars and kilograms of trash from the waste bin every year for each family, the quality of the Sili Squeeze’s™ reusable stylish design provides parents a tool to serve their healthful and homemade baby food food anywhere the family goes. Parents are raving about ‘sneaking in extra nutrients’ with the aid of the Sili Squeeze™ designed to be refilled and enjoyed year after year, from the time a child takes his or her first bites, throughout their years of school lunches and sports activities.

The Sili Squeeze™ is practical and affordable while offering parents a modern and minimalistic design that is appealing both on the shelves and to little ones’ senses. Made of silicone and medical-grade safe materials, the Sili Squeeze offers a tactile and fun-eating experience for babies as young as 6 months. The Sili Squeeze™: The original reusable squeeze pouch, with a spill-proof spout™.

The Sili Squeeze™ is currently available in four fun colours and three handy sizes and also has interchangeable spouts one spout fits all!



Mixie Baby Bottle


MEET Mixie™, the smartest new baby bottle to hit the shelves!

Babies and busy parents love Mixie™ because hunger simply has no patience. This very smart, one-of-a-kind baby formula bottle is so expertly designed; it can be filled in advance and mixed at feeding time.

Sleepy parents, busy babysitters, helpful relatives – Mixie™ is everyone’s new best friend! This formula-mixing baby bottle is so finely turned; it can be fixed now and mixed later without fuss (a press of a button to be precise!). Mixie™ is a little lifesaver. Think about it. On a flight or the middle of the night, you can have a bottle ready to go in an instant. Parents can plan ahead. Hungry babies can be fed on the double. AND everyone feels better just knowing that Mixie™ is always close at hand.

Multi-award winning Mixie™; the most user-friendly design of its kind on the market with its slim line and ergonomic design, it has no clunky compartments or add-ons. Mixie™ comes complete with its own own teat range (stages 1, 2 and 3) vented to minimise colic.

Mixie’s patented air-tight formula compartment leaves no room for error, formula leakage or cross contamination giving you the freedom to fill way in advance and mix (with a click of a button) when you and baby are ready.

Mixie™ is Microwave, Dishwasher Safe, 100% BPA-Phthalates-PVC Free and readily available in 4oz (125ml) and 8oz (250ml) sizes enabling caregivers to enjoy Mixie™ from newborn through until the end of bottle feeding.

Mixie Baby is perfect for mums on the go, makes night time feeds easy and FAST, simply prepare before bed and have it ready to go on your bedside table!

For further information and retail opportunities for either product contact the team at In my Nest.





Visit In My Nest in Sydney at Stand: K430 and see their profile in the exhibitor directory or also pop over to their website to get your fill of baby products! 

Don’t forget to register now for Life Instyle Sydney 13 – 16 February 2014

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