Featured Exhibitor: Ourlieu

It’s often when we step away from the close and familiar that we see new opportunities and inspiration. For Lauri Elkins, travel and nature opened her heart to the possibility of creating her own homewares label. This idea is now a reality with Ourlieu, an environmentally sensitive brand offering cushions, tea towels, bunting, canvas totes and table linen. In the lead up to preparing for her stand at Life Instyle Sydney in a few weeks time, Lauri spent a few moments with us to share the story of Ourlieu

The Story
The concept behind Ourlieu (meaning Our Place or Space) came about on a trip to New York and the British Virgin Islands. The contrast in these places made me aware of the beauty in both untouched nature, man made objects and history. I remember thinking how I would love to start a homeware label that reflected the beauty of life.

Trend watch
Exotic rich brights are really exciting me at the moment. Also pastels that have illuminated/citric hues. I’m also loving bold patterns from the past and nature inspired prints, mixed together in different sizes and colours.

Show review
Think of the late 60’s, the light of the evening, or early dawn on untouched nature. The sun has highlighted all that is beautiful! This is the inspiration and the story behind the art in my new collection. Hand painted feature cushions are the high light, tied back with a mismatch of water coloured patterns. Some collaboration work with Jai Vasicek from Ahoy Traders will also be on show, along with some of his other amazing pieces.

Business 101
Never stop listening and learning from people, situations and experiences every day.

For more information visit: www.ourlieu.com.au or step in their space at Life Instyle Sydney, February 21 – 24.

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