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Today we introduce you to Rhicreative, the stationery brand bring old school printing techniques to the new trends in stationery. You can find the amazing products and original design from Rhicreative at Life Instyle this Melbourne August.


Life Instyle: What is the 15 second elevator pitch that defines your business?

Rhicreative is a fun range of stationery produced with a mixture of modern and old school print methods. We are proudly 100% Australian made and produced and hope we can stay that way for as long as possible!

Life Instyle: The theme for Life Instyle Melbourne this season is Return to the Source, what does this mean to you and how did your story begin?

‘Returning to the source’ is a very true reflection of where I began in bringing rhicreative to life. After finishing year 12 I started my design journey at a screen printing business where I learnt the best ways to design and make printing work together.  There are so many limitations with designing something and then producing it on finished material  to look the same as an illustration or on a computer screen.  Working amongst the print workshop allowed me to learn so much about the end product and the best ways to make a design work.  I was always very drawn to the bright colours and bold design that you usually see on screen printed products, and this is now carried through our stationery range with the majority of our cards being screen printed with beautiful thick, lush inks!  All those years ago I knew I was lucky to be working in the print industry on both sides of the fence – designing and producing, it really laid the foundations for where rhicreative is today.


Life Instyle: Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere! Each day wherever I am I notice pattern, colour & texture – if you really look we are surrounded by it.


Life Instyle: What was your biggest challenge when starting your business and how did you overcome it?

Being able to ‘break in’ to the retail world and have our products stocked in stores – there are so many brands out there, so once a store takes you on, you really need to appreciate it as there are so many other brands wishing they were in your shoes.   Starting with exhibiting at First in Style a few years ago really helped grow our brand and give it recognition.


Life Instyle: What was your best YAY US! moment?

Our brand being stocked in some of our favourite stores! It’s also a great feeling when a friend or family member see our products either in a store or at a friends place and they excitedly let us know!

Life Instyle: What advice would you give to a new designer/retailer reading this post?

WORK HARD! You have to give your brand & business everything you’ve got if you want to it to be a success, don’t think it will just ‘happen’. It may seem like a bit of cliche advice but it is so true!  Having your own business in any industry is a never-ending labour of love.


Life Instyle: Where do you see the future of retail heading?

Sometimes I do worry about the future of retail in bricks and mortar stores with the ever growing online presence and also the worry of the bigger chain department stores starting to carry more boutique style products… BUT I think with social media going from strength to strength and so many stores out there being able to showcase their amazing wares and displays through imagery people will still support these businesses – you can’t beat wandering through a beautiful shop and admiring the artistic merchandising and on-point styling.

Life Instyle: What would a tarot card reader find in your future?

I really have no idea! I HOPE that they would say that I can keep doing what I love and that rhicreative still has many more years of creativity to come!


Life Instyle: How has your business grown over time? Where did you start and where are you now?

Our business has grown rapidly over the past 2-3 years with the introduction of more stationery products to our range to go alongside the greeting cards. It is quite different from where we started around 8 years ago, with the beginning consisting of a lot more custom work and handmade products – working from our kitchen table and spare room! We now have a small warehouse with amazing casual staff floating around daily (we would be lost without them!) and a studio where I do all of our design and make a mess trying to juggle everything with my two small children often in tow!

Life Instyle: What should our visitors be expecting to see from your brand at Life Instyle Melbourne 2016?

Our new range for release at Melbourne Life Instyle this year is a big one with over 50+ new designs!

We have new stationery items in this collection with plenty of colour and fun amongst all of the new, we can’t wait to show all of our existing stockists and hopefully new ones too!


Need more Rhicreative?


Instagram: @rhicreative

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