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Sebo & Co is a recent collaboration between friends Jo Newman and Rob Fedele. Jo, with her history of interior design, furniture & homewares retailing, product development & creative visual merchandising, is the company’s Design Director. Rob’s background is a little more obscure: general business, novel-writing, and lengthy periods of travel have led him here. At times it seems an unlikely pairing. But like many great pairings, it works.
Currently based in St Peters, Sydney, Sebo & Co was launched at Life Instyle Sydney, 2017, after a lengthy design phase. They have been buoyed by the interest in their products so far, especially by those who have expressed in a new company that is doing something different.

Sebo & Co
The aim was to find the right suppliers who could complement the owners’ personal philosophies; those who treated their workers more like close family members than employees, who are specialized in using only natural fibres, and who still manufacture by hand where possible.
Whilst representing an enormous challenge, both agree on the reasons for wanting to run their own business: the freedom of expression, constant creativity, and ability to utilize the varied skill sets they’d already developed, at all times surrounded by things they love.

Like its owners, the business has two distinct elements: the production of luxe soft furnishings, and the distribution of an increasing number of complementary international brands including Antica Farmacista, Berard France, Waterl’eau, Illuminaria, Grand Casablanca and Apothecary Guild.

Sebo & Co

At Life Instyle SYDNEY they will be showcasing their brand called Talloh, which is named after Jo’s former retail store in Noosa The ethos of this brand can be summarized in 3 parts: To combine ethically-made, natural fibre products with timeless design. To support small-scale, artisanal techniques such as hand weaving and block printing, and those people who still practice them. And to create products that are both admired and cherished for their beauty, function and craftsmanship.

Talloh’s products are inspired by nature and seek to champion the skills of those who produce them, using processes that haven’t changed for hundreds if not thousands of years. Only natural fibres are used; flax, hemp, bamboo, cotton, wool, camel & goat hair. The products are similarly raw and natural, each one strikingly beautiful in their simplicity. Their uses are versatile and multi-purposed, limited by one’s own imagination. Each piece is unique. Each piece tells a story. These are not just objects, they are expressions of nature, personality and culture. It’s all about the weave, the texture, the way it feels against the skin. Those who see it appreciate it, but often they don’t know why. It’s not for everyone, but nor is it supposed to be.

Sebo & Co
Talloh’s range is mainly manufactured in India because of the high quality of products and the vast array of artisanal techniques available. Many of their products are manufactured at the village level, literally made by hand in the homes of regional craftspeople skilled in a particular craft. In a short period of time they have become personally acquainted with a lot of generous, interesting people, which they cite as one of the most rewarding aspects of doing business there. They travel there often, have met their families and friends, and shared celebrations such as Diwali in their homes.

Life Instyle Sydney 2018 represents 12 months of trading, an important milestone for them. They have developed an expanded range of soft furnishings to exhibit (throws, cushion covers, bedspreads, floor rugs, bathroom and kitchen linen amongst them) in addition to launching a number of new international brands, including:
– Antica Farmacista, a luxury home fragrance and body care brand from The States, with an understated elegance and range of captivating scents.
– Berard France produces the most beautiful olive wood kitchen utensils and chopping boards bar none.

Sebo & Co

These perfectly fit in with their objective of delivering unique offerings of the highest quality.
Their products are perfect for those retailers who:
– appreciate genuine hand-craftsmanship
– recognise the beauty, versatility and environmental benefits of using 100% natural fibres
– are frequented by a clientele who appreciate the same
– are seeking to stand out in a relatively homogeneous market

Sebo & Co


Rapid retailer Questions

1. Do you have a minimum order quantity? (MOQ)

Initial order value of $500 + gst, moq’s vary by items but in general moq’s for soft furnishings are 2 pieces
2. What is your product lead time or are you ready to ship?

Most items are currently in stock
3. Do you require a deposit?

30% deposit in order to allocate stock
4. Can retailers schedule an appointment to visit you at Life Instyle & how?

Yes, an appointment can be scheduled by emailing Rob at rob@seboandco.com
5. How can retailers order?

Ordering can be done via email (to rob@seboandco.com) or online via our website (www.seboandco.com) though all online orders require confirmation. Payment can be made via direct deposit or credit card (no credit card surcharge).

Get In Touch

EMAIL: rob@seboandco.com
WEBSITE: seboandco.com

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