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Born on the Western Australian coast in 2015, Sunday Soldiers is a lifestyle brand built around a love for surf, skate and good vibes.

Kids Instyle Sydney opens next Thursday so we sat down with founders of the trend-setting kids fashion label, Sunday Soldiers and spoke about the history of the brand and what we will be seeing at Kids Instyle Sydney.

Sunday Soldiers
Elise & Matt Doohan started Sunday Soldiers in 2015. With two older stepsons, a boy toddler and expecting another little boy, Sunday Soldiers was built around creating sustainable clothing that was tough enough to outlast even the most rambunctious kids! Starting from very humble beginnings, from a little desk in a little house in Perth – Sunday Soldiers grew at an unexpected rate. Now hailing from a warehouse in Sydney they have four full-time staff members including a dedicated wholesale director, Dominique. Dominique works closely with retailers to ensure a strong and efficient experience all-year round.

When it comes to creating the Sunday Soldiers range, the team works with 3 pillars of manufacturing. Sustainability, fairness and quality. It’s in their DNA and they don’t work with anyone who doesn’t reflect these pillars. They’ve moved countries 3 times to ensure the items are being manufactured with the utmost care and least impact on the planet. All of their workers are paid above minimum wage whom they visit every season to ensure everything is being adhered to and to show their amazing workers how they are a part of their valued team. Good vibes are a huge part of their ethos, and they consciously ensure that good vibes radiate from the brand through every step.

Sunday Soldiers

LAUNCHING AT KIDS INSTYLE SYDNEY: The first Australian look at SS18 collection, Milkbar ’63 (launching in August 2018). Milkbar ‘63 has been designed over a lifetime. The lifetime of Elise’s Dad, specifically. This collection is inspired by the stories he told her growing up. The son of a Scotsman, her Dad lived right at the top of the hill, and he always had the longest hair in the school. Born in 1963, he grew up in an era where kids spent their weekends riding bikes, fishing with whatever they could find and their feet were always sandy. Wherever Elise’s Dad went, his two best friends were always behind him. No video games, no social media. Just good vibes and good music. That’s what Milkbar ’63 is all about.

The collection consists of a transeasonal range of clothing, including the best selling t-shirts, surf trackies, slouch beanies, snoods, dresses and their first ever shorts. All designed with a retro surf vibe. They are so incredibly proud of this collection and are thrilled to be launching it here in Australia at Kids Instyle. The feedback on the collection so far has been overwhelming and they can’t wait to show you!

Sunday Soldiers

Sunday Soldiers isn’t like other brands. Their good vibes ethos are strong throughout every design, every conversation and every event. Their retailers are number 1 priority and they’re here to make your selling experience easy and sales stronger. They want nothing more than to help support your business, through social media, attending your events, pushing clients towards you and supporting your wins. Because your wins are their wins and they want to be on the journey with you!
Elise & Matt believe the best advice they have been given is to find your tribe and love them hard. Their staff are genuinely passionate and love the brand and are all there for the same reason.

“We have the BEST retailers and the best customers. We’re so thankful that Sunday Soldiers is surrounded by support and people propelling the brand forward. It’s an amazing feeling to have so many brand advocates out there, supporting us and flying that Sunday Soldiers flag high! This is absolutely just the beginning of Sunday Soldiers. With four international launches for this season, plus Kids Instyle, you’ll be sure to see our good vibes all over the globe!” – Elise & Matt Doohan

Sunday Soldiers
When asked what their favourite inspirational quote was, they Elise & Matt said – “Always leave people feeling happier than when you found them. Kindness is an amazing thing. Complement mum’s outfit. Ask to speak to the boss and tell them how incredible their barista is. Plan a surprise for your spouse. It doesn’t have to be big things. Sprinkle kindness everywhere – and you never know when it might find it’s way back to you. That’s how we roll here.”

Sunday Soldiers


These are the clothes kids wear in vacation photos.
These are the clothes kids wear when they learn to ride a bike.
These are the clothes kids wear when they finally nail that first kickflip.

Sunday Soldiers is the brand that kids grow up in. We don’t restrict their chaos, we’re here to roll with it.


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