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Wild Grey Fox is all about beautiful images of animals that create a connection with the viewer. Nikki McIvor’s artworks are made into prints, cards, tea towels and grocery bags – all with a serious green bent.

They are especially popular for children’s rooms, with young couples often hanging several in a row in the nursery; but they also seem to strike a chord with people of all ages.


Our business is entirely an exercise to help Nikki make a living from her art. In the past year, she’s been able to leave her receptionist position and now focuses full time on her art…and on building up Wild Grey Fox as a vehicle for her passion.

The other half of the equation is Marina Adams, self-described as ‘Nikki’s pushy friend’. Says Marina: “We work really well together. She’s yin, I’m yan. I love strategy and ideas, and Nikki keeps me grounded. She’s funny and honest and genuine, and will put her values well ahead of any other considerations.”

Born in New Zealand, Wild Grey Fox is exhibiting for the first time in Australia at First Instyle, Stand 21, almost directly opposite the entrance.

As for the green side of things?

We first began working together on a project to improve the sustainability practices at a hotel; and then decided to collaborate on producing Nikki’s art.

Wild Grey Fox

We’re both green to a fault. Our office is a garage in the middle of a garden, so we’re surrounded by nature as our inspiration all day long. Not only that, but the premises are powered by a PV grid (solar-powered electricity) which is the largest you can be before you’re classed as a generator.

We deplore plastic and especially the still-dominant single use plastic. On the positive side, it’s estimated that every cotton grocery bag we produce will save up to 300 – 500 plastic bags from ever being used!

Wild Grey Fox

Our paper is all FSC-certified and we try to use organic cotton wherever we can. We couldn’t find organic cotton tea towels available in New Zealand at a decent price, so we designed and imported our own from a fair trade certified factory that only produces organic cotton. The fringe benefit of this is that no one else has exactly what we have.

I’m really proud of our absorbent tea towels…it’s a bit embarrassing to say, but they were inspired by my children’s cloth nappies – they were heavenly for wiping up spills!

Wild Grey Fox

Another part of our song is about the successful parts of the integration of our European and indigenous cultures. I love the term ‘cross-culturalisation’, where two cultures meld and grow stronger as a result – like in an ideal marriage.

Nikki’s latest works are her Pounamu series, inspired by the greenstone necklaces that Maori traditionally carve and wear.


Wrapping up the final part of the package is the story about each artwork, the music that inspired it and a bit about the animal.This makes our products an ideal gift at a friendly price point.

Good for everyone, from start to finish.

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