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Analytics might not always sound exciting, but I can assure you, when you’re looking at the stats behind your most engaging content, it’s pretty awesome seeing what your audience resonates with and recognising how far you’ve come building your brand’s online presence. It’s even better looking at those stats when they’re free and readily available: enter Pikore.

Pikore is an easy-to-use online service that gives you basic statistics on your Instagram account in pretty and understandable graphics and tables. For many brands, Instagram has become their social media platform of choice, but unlike Facebook, there isn’t an inbuilt analytics tool to measure your efforts.

Iconosquare is a popular choice for many businesses – an online analytics tool for Instagram that used to be free, however, with growth and development, is now a paid service. Iconosquare does offer extra tools and information that you can’t gain from Pikore, however for small businesses on Instagram or those starting out, Pikore is a great tool to gain insight into your business on Instagram.

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Sign up to Pikore to gain basic analytics for Instagram.


At the top of your statistics page on Pikore it offers you a snapshot of your brand on Instagram and will share with you:

  • Your followers/following
  • Your total media (how many total posts you’ve shared)
  • You average number of posts shared each day
  • Total likes received
  • Total comments received
  • Your love rate – which is a cute way of saying your rate of engagement
  • Your talk rate – the people talking about you (tagging you in their posts)
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Pikore offers an easy-to-use snapshot of your brand’s presence on Instagram.

In your statistics, Pikore also uses handy graphs to show you information such as your posting history which shows your growth on Instagram from your starting point to now, as well as the days and times you post to Instagram, and the best times to post.

In the dropdown menu on the right of your Pikore account you’ll find you can also click on pages that show you all the posts on Instagram that you’ve liked, as well as your Instagram profile and a handy tool that lets you backup all your Instagram photos to your computer. So Pikore actually grabs all your photos from your Instagram account and uploads them to your computer in a zip file so you can keep these on hand should something happen to your Instagram account.

On the left menu, you can also search by popular users or by category (photography, food, lifestyle, travel etc.) which allows you to find new people to connect with in the categories that interest you.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.54.47 AM

Pikore offers handy stats on your Instagram activity, including the days on which you post the most.


There are a few key stats that I find the most useful when using a tool such as Pikore. The graphs that show your likes per media and comments per media are great stats to look at. Pikore also pulls out your top 5 most liked and most commented posts so you can see exactly what those posts were.

These stats show you the content that your audience is engaging with the most. What I find interesting is the relationship between the most liked posts and most commented posts. Take a moment to look at your most liked and most commented posts. What can you tell from your stats about the kind of content that is gaining the most likes and the kind of content that is gaining the most comments and starting a conversation? How are these similar or different?

Use these findings when you’re crafting new content. How can you take on board your learnings to create conversation with a post or gain more engagement via likes and/or comments? What is it about these posts that speak to the heart of your business and how can you create more courageous content around those themes or ideas?

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.54.26 AM

The dark red squares show the times on which you’ve gained the highest engagement. If you hover over the square, Pikore will tell you, on average, how many ineractions per post you gain at that time.


Using analytics isn’t just for big brands. Analytics are a powerful way to understand what content your audience is engaging with and how to use that knowledge to focus your efforts. By knowing what times your audience is most likely to engage with your posts, you can post or schedule your content during those times.

With the change of the Instagram feed algorithm (read about it here) it’s just another reason to use analytics to your advantage. As the platform grows and evolves, knowing what content is most engaging and gaining a better insight into how you’re using Instagram, means you can continue to use the platform in the best way for your business. It helps you craft a quality content strategy that takes into account your findings and it means you can say hello to a more productive and efficient you (who doesn’t like the sound of that?!). Gaining access to these sorts of statistics also means you can play around with your content and trial new things because you’re able to see what the results are, instead of trying something with a blindfold on and not tracking the outcome.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.23.04 AM

You can also search by user or hashtag on Pikore. I searched for the hashtag #ofkin and these beautiful courageous posts came up from fellow kin.

Have you used Pikore before or another analytics tool for Instagram? What statistics have you found to be the most useful and how have you used these in your content planning and creation? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to and how you’re feeling about the new changes on Instagram lovely kin! Shout out below and share with me your thoughts.

Kylie, xx

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