Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

Spring Feature

With the weather warming up and the cold dark winter days fading, it’s time to freshen up your home for spring. Many people use this time of year to give their homes a thorough clean from top to bottom, but if you don’t have time to do that there are other quick ways to freshen up your home.

Let The Air In
Open up your doors and windows and let the fresh air into your house or apartment. After being shut up for most of the winter, our spaces can do with some fresh air through them. It’s also a good time to vacuum your curtains and rugs and hang them outside to air too.

spring let the air in
Change The Bed Linen
As soon as it’s warm enough, pack away the winter blankets and bedspreads and replace them with lightweight summer ones. Swap your flannelette sheets for cotton or linen ones and change your quilt cover over to something fresh and brighter.

spring bed linen
Add Some Colour

Refresh your living areas by swapping your winter cushions and throws with bright colourful spring inspired ones. You can also add pops of spring colour with decorator accents and by adding new artwork. Just as museums change their displays, so can you in your home.

spring add colour
Bring In Plants & Flowers
Nothing says spring like a beautiful bunch of flowers, especially jonquils which mark the beginning of spring. You can also add indoor plants like a maiden hair fern or fiddle leaf fig.

spring lilacs
Set Up Your Outdoor Entertaining Area
Whether you have a large patio or a small balcony, take some time to freshen up your outdoor area. Give it a good clean and add some outdoor cushions and lanterns because it will soon be time to start enjoying alfresco dining and time outdoors.

spring outdoor area
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