GALA Winners – Part 5

GALA Hero Winner 5

For the month of March we shine a light on our 20 deserving winners at the recent GALA Awards. For Part 5 we covet the chic concrete homeware collection from Zakkia, get organized with the innovative new gift idea from Pitchfest winners Orbitkey and discover that baby-safe, chewable jewellery CAN be fashionable with Harper & Hudson


GALA Winner | Home

Zakkia are all about high quality designer pieces for everyday prices, smart solutions, and designs that make you smile. Created in late 2012 by Sara Lundgren, a Swede turned Sydneysider, Zakkia’s designs can best be described as ‘Scandinavia meets Bondi’. All beautifully minimalist and most of them designed to complement each other, each handmade piece is a statement in its own right.

The popular concrete collection is made with a mix of concrete powder, polyresin and stone powder, making them durable but lighter than traditional concrete, without losing that real concrete finish.

Judges Product Pick: Concrete Dala Horse


GALA Winner | Innovation

A more stylish way to carry your keys, Orbitkey was developed by Melbourne based Charles Ng and Rex Kuo with their practical and stylish premium key carrier now inspiring the way people interact with their keys.

“It first started when Charles made the first prototype to solve his pet hate for rattling keys and after sharing it with our family and friends, we came to realise that the all-too-familiar key ring was far from perfect” said Kuo.

What originally started as a personal project grew into something much bigger after a successful Kickstarter project in late 2013 and now with two appearances under their belt as part of First Instyle and winning last months Innovation Pitchfest the boys are riding a wave of success.

Judges Product Pick: Premium Leather Orbitkey


GALA Winner | Jewellery

Teething necklaces are nothing new, the baby friendly silicone necklaces have been around for years now but our GALA Judges were so impressed with the stylish yet practical designs from Harper & Hudson’s Jennifer Admon for the fashion conscious mother, the dual purpose jewellery was an instant winner.

“I noticed something as simple as babies constantly tugging and chewing on their mother’s jewellery and remember thinking there should be a product to cater for both mum and bub. And so, I set out to create my own line of vibrant, colourful jewels for mums that double as teething tools for babies. My passion for practicality and style were the key ideas behind the concept of non-toxic, eco-friendly, baby safe AND high fashion jewellery”

Judges Product Pick: Celine Fan Teething Necklace

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