Get the Look: Colour Pop

by Tessa White, Down that Little Lane

Right now the biggest AND easiest trend is colour popping, ok so that may or may not be the correct terminology but its mine and its does exactly what it says on the tin!

It is so easy to do as you can use simple decorator pieces like vases and jars, go a little bolder and think cushions or ottomans OR go the whole hog and have a key furniture piece in a bold stand out colour. If you don’t want to spend much money just grab a pot of paint and splash it on some cupboards, get some bunting or spray paint an item that has seen better days.

Here we have examples from Incy Interiors, Down to the Woods, Kith & Co and many more but you can find all the individual pictures on my Pinterest Boards

Will you have a play? I dare you to try.. there is no turning back though as it is far too much fun đŸ™‚

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