Get the Look : Luxe Leathers

By Tessa White, Down that Little Lane 

Leather has a certain class about it, a feeling of luxury whilst being such a simple texture. With colours to suit all decors and these days designs to match those it really can be added easily.

Of late I have seen a few stunning mixes of leather and wood and really what could be better as both age with such stunning perfection.. the older they get the better they look as long as there is a little TLC along the way.

In my house we have a fabulous vintage leather wingback armchair and it is a well loved piece, the kids have a couple of Moroccan ottomans and we have some divine leather doorstops in the form of an elephant.

I aim to add a bit of Luxe Leather to each room of my home with time, that beside some recycled wood, a pop of colour and some form of flora or fauna and my rooms are complete.


What makes a room complete for you? 

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