Ghost Coffee Tables

The biggest interior trend this season isn’t a colour, it isn’t a focal point. In fact, it can barely be seen at all. This trend is strictly about functionality, but honestly, I love this look.

The trend I am talking about is a clear or translucent coffee table and it goes with any decor! Here are some great reasons why clear coffee tables are the trend you need to be setting this season.

First of all, it is a great place to show off some unique seating. Items like poufs and cushions can be put underneath these translucent surfaces and they are easily accessible for your guests. Adding poufs gives off a stylish vibe in your living space and can be quite inviting.

image 1

They are also perfect for showing off a favourite rug. Many coffee tables can crowd a great rug but by adding a clear table, you create more visual space in your living area.

image 2

If you are like me and have way too many magazines, it is the perfect way to finally show them off! Stack magazines by colour or randomly if that’s more your style. These are easily accessible and if you don’t want faces looking up at you, you can add trays or even some artwork on canvas to the tops of the stacks to look more appealing.

image 3

Image credits: domino | MY DOMAINE | Brit + Co
Feature image: AT HOME IN LOVE

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